Apple remains strong as ever

It wasn’t long ago that when the word “Apple” was mentioned, people’s first thought would be of fruit. Now it’s a whole different ball game. The company that began as the little-engine-that-could has grown into a technology Goliath, eclipsing and then annihilating the competition with products that initiate buying frenzies all over the world.

Combining form and function, Apple has ushered in a new era of machines that have become the must-have items of the 21st Century. They have revolutionised the home and business market in one fell swoop and for the first time in the history of computers, have relegated Microsoft and PCs to second place.

Steve Jobs is considered a god by Apple fanatics, and indeed he has been the ideal spokesperson for his company – both charismatic and driven to build a better engine. His health issues sparked concerns of how Apple would be affected if he ever had to step down, as Apple’s wagon seemed to be permanently hitched to his star.

However the recent announcement of his resignation as CEO has not initiated the scramble in the stock market that might have been anticipated a couple of years ago. It seems he has timed his departure when Apple is so strong that even the guru’s step back cannot jolt consumer confidence. The reins have been handed over to Tim Cook, previously the COO of Apple. Many feel he is the ideal choice for the job to continue the innovative work that has kept Apple moving forward and leaving competitors in its wake. 

So how has Apple changed the industry? All you need to do is take a look around you wherever you go. No longer just the choice of the hip college student or savvy techie, Apple products are being used every day by the young and old. The arrival of the iPhone with its sleek design, access to thousands of apps and universal appeal had eager fans lining up for days to get their hands on one as quickly as possible. But if the iPhone and its subsequent generations created a buzz, the iPad created the revolution. A handheld wonder with a glorious screen and a light, incredibly portable design, the iPad literally changed the way people viewed computers.

Apple couldn’t produce them fast enough with demand far outweighing supply for many months. The iPhone 4 hit the market and immediately outsold any other phone being produced. Then the iPad 2 came along in 2011 with its built-in cameras, even thinner dimensions and a faster processor and the public ate it up. Students began using them as essential aids, replacing heavy textbooks with the iPad as their main reference source. Companies handed them out to their workforce for mobile presentations and reporting. United Airlines’ pilots are now being given iPads instead of flight manuals. Everything they need is in the palm of their hand and just a finger swipe away.

Of course the iPhone and iPad join the catalogue of Apple products that are constantly evolving. The newest iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini all feature the Thunderbolt I/O port offering speed and flexibility previously unseen in any personal computer. The latest OS X Lion offers all new features that bring even further versatility to Apple computers, including Launchpad and Mission Control. With iCloud being launched this fall and the iPhone 5 on its way later in the year, it seems that Apple has no intention of slowing its global takeover.

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