Future of Cayman website launched

Over the past few months we have been hearing more and more about the Future of Cayman economic development initiative writes Chamber CEO Wil Pineau.

It’s an exciting proposition – a public private sector partnership working in harmony to stimulate economic growth. There are many unique factors about this initiative but the one that stands out the most is that the Strategic Report is a living document. Sure, there is the printed version that you may have seen recently circulated in the Chamber magazine but this is just the beginning. August will see the official launch of www.futureofcayman.com and Steering Committee Chairman Shayne Howe says that this is where the Future of Cayman really lives.

“The Future of Cayman is not just about a paper report, it is about the activity and progress relating to the agreed objectives. It is a methodical process of achievable actions that will take us closer to the correct environment for us to thrive both economically and as a community in general. We need to look at ourselves holistically and work together to take the small steps that will result in a sustainable economy. The FoC website is the perfect way to communicate our strategies and goals and at the same time allow for feedback and suggestions from the community,” said Howe.

When you enter the website the first thing you notice is the positive imagery and text depicting a snap shot of life in the Cayman Islands. Then further down you see the five drivers which have become the heart of the initiative, developed by focus groups and identified as key to the economic success of Cayman. Click on a driver and it will take you to objectives and actions and then you start to see a plan evolve. On each driver page you will notice links that will introduce you to the cochairs of each driver group, one from the public sector and one from the private sector. The cochairs are responsible for motivating and guiding their driver group members and to relay progress and information back to the Steering Committee. This information will be posted to the website and key performance indicators will measure the outcomes from the driver groups’ activities.

Members of the public will also be able to follow progress using Twitter and Face Book, as well as other social media tools.

“We hope that people will use our blog and give us their feedback on how they think we’re doing. It is also an excellent forum to voice your own opinions and suggestions. We have purposely designed the website to be very interactive and user friendly because we want the community to feel it belongs to them. We hope it will also act as an attractive lure to overseas investors,” says Howe.

The site also offers an opportunity to endorse the initiative and send an email or letter directly to your MLA at the click of a button. Businesses or individuals can also upload their logos in support of the FoC. Already IBM, Digicel, Bodden Holdings, KPMG, Caledonian, The Security Centre Ltd, Cayman Free Press, and The Phoenix Group have invested in the strategy as partners in progress.

Chamber President James O’Neill explained that more people are needed for the success for the initiative, “The Future of Cayman is a ‘living’ process that will rely on the commitment and passion of the people involved. The driver groups have now been activated and we are currently looking for interested persons who would like to be considered for sub-committee positions. These are positions for people who have experience and expertise relating to one of the driver topics. We are looking for movers and shakers. The Future of Cayman is an ongoing process that will continue to be evaluated on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. We may complete our current objectives but the world and Cayman continues to undergo many changes and a constant assessment of relevance and value is imperative.”

For those who are interested in finding out more about The Future of Cayman economic development initiative visit www.futureofcayman.com If you are interested in becoming a sub-committee member please contact [email protected]