Davenport makes security a priority

As crime continues to increase, security has become more important when people are making decisions on where to live and raise a family. Davenport Developments partnered with The Security Centre Limited to consult and provide the majority of security systems and services for San Sebastian. 

When Davenport Development began working on their third residential project, they applied the same affordable luxury stamp we’re used to seeing. One noticeable change to their approach with San Sebastian was the increased focus on safety. Security is becoming more and more important for residents, and businesses, and the managing partners of Davenport incorporated integrated security solutions into the planning stages of San Sebastian. 

“We attended a crime prevention seminar a few years back where Crime Stoppers advised developers to build crime out,” says Paul Pearson, managing partner of Davenport Development. “That was something we took very seriously when designing San Sebastian,” he continues. The Crime Stoppers seminar focused on Crime Prevention Through Building Design and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. CPTED is a set of design principles used to discourage crime. The concept is simple: Buildings and properties are designed to prevent damage from the force of the elements and natural disasters; they should also be designed to prevent crime. Everything from landscaping to lighting to electronic security should be considered when building a new development, private home or business and Davenport implemented many of these principles presented by the local Crime Stoppers Crime Prevention Programme. 

The gated community has two large wrought iron gates in two locations for entry and exit. Each resident has a personal code to enter and exit the premise that can be shared with visiting guests. The access control software notes all entry and exit to the community, so in the event of an incident, the strata management could review the software to pinpoint which unit codes were used at specific times.  

Another level of security that San Sebastian has is a CCTV system at the gate entrance. Instead of going with standard fix bullet cameras, Davenport upgraded to high resolution pan tilt zoom cameras that are activated by motion. The cameras will continuously pan the front entrance area of the community, but when the gates open, this triggers the camera to zoom onto the vehicle that is entering or exiting. Davenport planned to go ahead with a standard CCTV system for the entrance. It wasn’t until The Security Centre presented the PTZ solution that they started to reconsider. “I kept thinking, what if something happened at San Sebastian and we reviewed the footage after the event and it wasn’t useful,” says Pearson. “We wanted to be proactive and ensure a safe environment for our owners as much as possible, so investing in quality security was key.” At the end of the project San Sebastian will be a community of up to 500 residents, so security decisions were made with that growth in mind, not just for 46 units in Phase One.  

The pedestrian and pool gates will have access control for each owner and many Phase One residents have decided to go ahead with an intruder alarm for their home. “I have a young family and I want to make sure I do what I can to protect us and our home, so my decision to get a monitored security system was an easy one,” says Vanessa one of the unit owners. “Knowing that it would be installed before we moved in and was activated right away gave me to the peace of mind I was after for my family.” 

For Phase Two of the project, which is on sale now, each unit will come equipped with a basic alarm system included in the cost of the home. This was an added feature for the second phase based on the popularity of the security upgrade for Phase One customers. “Although we hadn’t planned to include the unit security system in the overall cost for each unit, it’s a value add for Phase Two buyers that is going over well,” says Pearson. It is common in the US and other parts of the world for new residential homes to come equipped with a security system, so it’s not surprising that Davenport has moved this way as well.  

Keeping security top of mind from the beginning of the project helped to create an integrated security solution that gives the owners of Phase One the peace of mind they deserve as well as a selling feature for future owners for Phase Two and Three. “Davenport Development provides their customers with a quality place to live.” says Stuart Bostock, President and CEO of The Security Centre Limited. We designed and installed a quality security solution to make the San Sebastian community a safe place 
to live.”  


David Aitken joined The Security Centre in 2002 as  

installation supervisor and was promoted to engineering manager in 2005. He oversees the installation team and all aspects of CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, barriers systems, fire alarms and electronic tagging projects for The Security Centre.