Key considerations when selecting a cloud service provider

It is important that businesses ask the right questions to service providers when looking to move to the cloud. Here are 10 key areas you should consider before choosing a cloud service provider.

1. Location: Where will your

data be stored?

You need to be aware that different countries have different rules about what constitutes private information.

Cayman or another location? A key consideration is whether you cloud in Cayman. A major issue is the fact we live in a highly active hurricane and quake zone. This would suggest that you would need to seriously consider hosting in an off-shore location that is not prone to hurricanes or earthquakes (such as Curacao).

2. Network: What network

is used?

How reliable is the network?

3. Integration: How easy will it be to migrate your information over to the service?

How easy it will be to retrieve your data?

4. Support: What level of support will be provided?

What is the customer service structure?

Will you have 24/7 access to technical support?

What are the response times?

5. Scalability: Can the service grow with your business?

This is also a factor should your business downsize.

6. Business continuity: Does the provider have a plan in place?

The provider should have multiple data centers to prevent any loss of data should anything happen to a center.

7. Costs: How are the costs calculated and how does this compare to your current costs?

For example, is it per user?

What are the charges and fees?

8. Communication: How will the provider communicate with you?

Will you have a dedicated account manager?

Will I be kept up to date with any changes in your service?

How are charges and other costs communicated to you?

Will I be informed of any service issues?

9. Compliance: Does the service meet your compliance requirements?

10. Auditing: Does the

provider carry out

internal audits?

Will this information be made available to you?