Harbour House showcases boats

Anyone who has even toyed with the idea of buying a boat will not want to miss out on the Annual Boat Show and Discount Day at Harbour House Marina. “It’s going to be the best day in the whole year to buy a boat in Cayman,” says Jonathan Cuff, manager. The massive sale event, which will take place on Saturday, 30 July, this year from 8am to 5pm, always attracts a big crowd and will include a raffle, barbecue, local radio DJs and, of course, some excellent deals.   


Finding the right boat for you  

Harbour House Marina sells boats of various makes, models and sizes. But neither size nor price should be the primary consideration when making a purchase of this kind, the manager explains. He and his staff make every effort to find the right boat for the individual customer, depending on what they want to use the boat for. “A lot of it may depend on whether someone wants to go fishing, or wants to go to the sandbar and go snorkelling, maybe they want to use the boat for diving or even for going out in the evening to restaurants,” he says.  

Different boats are better suited to some activities than others, explains Cuff. The Sea Ray, for example, is a sporty, comfortable boat, with seating in the bow. These are ideal runabouts for cruising around the North Sound, for wakeboarding and other water sports. Boston Whalers, on the other hand, are rugged boats, best known for their “unsinkable” quality, which, he says, makes them ideal for first time owners. Their durability comes with a higher price tag, however. The Anglers therefore provide a significantly more economical alternative for rugged boats that can be used for fishing or diving.  

Even people who have only a passing interest in purchasing a boat would do well to attend the event, as it will give them an opportunity to find out a little more in an informal setting and take a test ride or two. Thanks to its waterfront location, Harbour House Marina will be able to put most of the boats it has in stock in the water so that interested parties can try them out. Normally a customer looking to buy a boat would be taken out on the one boat they have in mind, explains Cuff, but at the Boat Show people will have the opportunity to compare and contrast several different makes and models.  


The Harbour House advantage  

Boats are not cheap toys but it does not work out any more economical 

ly to purchase a vessel in the US and ship it to Cayman; plus if you buy from Harbour House you get the technical backup. “Our prices are very, very competitive. We have a link directly to the factory so parts and warranty are all handled from here. Same with the engines, we are also a Mercury service centre and they have a three year warranty so if there are any issues it’s all very simple,” says the manager. As well as mechanical support, when you purchase a boat from Harbour House, and instruction in boat handling is included docking and guidance on where to go and areas to avoid.  


Prizes and bargains  

On July, one lucky winner will be walking away with a Boston Whaler 13 SuperSport, at a cost of just $25. The raffle will be drawn at 4pm. A kayak and a spot locator will be the second and third prizes in the raffle.  

Deals will not be restricted to boats, however. All chandlery and merchandise in the store will also be offered at 20 per cent discount for one day only. This will include all manner of accessories and gadgets for boats, from dock lines and fenders to cleaning products, marine barbecues, Garmin GPS devices (both for boats and personal wrist-mounted devices), waterproof stereos and spare parts.  

Also included in the sale will be inflatable water toys such as bananas and donuts, kayaks and fishing rods and reels. The marine apparel (clothing and footwear) is equally popular with non-boaters says Cuff, as it is all ideal for the Cayman climate and, being designed with the marine environment in mind, is hard-wearing and durable. There is an array of Crocs in all colours and styles, as well as a large selection of Sperry shoes, which are comfortable, durable and non-marking. The Gill jackets are breathable, lightweight and waterproof and the Tilley hats provide SPF 50 sun protection and come with a lifetime guarantee. Whatever one’s level of nautical expertise, there is bound to be a hard-to-refuse bargain of some kind. 


Deals will not be restricted to boats, however. All chandlery and merchandise in the store will also be offered at 20per cent discount for one day only. 


The Boston Whaler 13 SuperSport will be raffled at the Boat Show and Discount Day.