Future of Cayman report expected later this month

The Future of Cayman strategic report will be launched in July through a website and brochure outlining the five key drivers and their associated objectives and actions. A steering committee is in place to guide the process and each driver has two co-chairs, one from the private sector and one from the public sector, to assist their driver committee members in achieving set objectives established at the Future of Cayman Forum in November 2010.

“The Future of Cayman is not about words on paper,” says Chamber President, James O’Neill, “It is about people getting involved and saying “we can do this”. These are regular people like you and I who bring to the table experience and knowledge of their own industries as well as a passion and desire to see our Islands succeed and prosper in these challenging times. What makes this economic development initiative different is that it is an ongoing, ‘living’ process that will be assessed on a regular basis through annual forums and frequent reports from driver co-chairs. There are measurable outcomes that ensure that what we are doing is effective and in line with public opinion. I am proud to be involved.”

Public and private sectors working together toward a common goal may not be entirely new to Cayman on a project by project basis, but what is new is the creation of an agreed set of strategic ideals that give our community a shared vision and direction ready to implement by one and all. Although initiated by the Chamber of Commerce, we are often reminded that the Future of Cayman now belongs to everyone.

Steering Committee Chairman Shayne Howe explains, “I got involved in the Future of Cayman because I saw an opportunity to come together as a community and explore some practical solutions to not only get us back on track but to also address how we should evolve holistically, moving forward into a new world economy. We are living in different times and subsequently we must think in a different way. As a local business owner I know the adjustments and changes I have had to make in order that we remain a viable enterprise. It’s the same with Cayman. Adjustments and changes need to be made.”

Any successful CEO will probably tell you that it is not enough for just a few people to understand the direction and vision of a company. It needs the complete buy-in from everyone involved. The momentum from a shared objective is unstoppable with the right conviction. We need that conviction now. We are a nation divided through politics and tough economic times. It is time to put individual agendas aside and methodically implement positive change that will create a prosperous and sustainable future for everyone. The five key drivers: Develop Talent, Create a Business Friendly Climate, Diversify the Economy, Enhance Quality of Life and Build a Smarter Infrastructure are more than just drivers; they are values to cherish for us today and for our children tomorrow.

Howe urges the public to come forward with their own comments and suggestions regarding the Future of Cayman. “I hope that everyone is able to familiarize themselves with the strategic report and the five key drivers. Our website being launched this month gives the community a number of ways to learn about this economic development initiative as well as contribute to and monitor the progress being made. The strategic report can be downloaded from the site and there are many ways to make comment through the usual social media outlets as well a Future of Cayman blog. You may also sign-up for news alerts relating to the Future of Cayman or keep updated through Twitter, Facebook or the online news page. The website will be updated on a daily basis to make it current at all times.

“It is our hope that www.futureofcayman.com will become a daily resource for the community where they will be able to access general and statistical information on the economic health of our Islands. We encourage people to voice their opinions and we hope some will also choose to be considered for a more significant role as a member of a driver committee. I would like to stress that the Future of Cayman is not about individuals and personal agendas we are about unity and working together for a collective purpose to achieve sustainability for our Islands as a long-term proposition. We hope individuals and companies will also take the time out to endorse the Future of Cayman in a show of commitment to the process via our online form.”

If you feel you can contribute either as a sponsor of the initiative or as a member of a driver committee you can contact the Steering Committee through www.futureofcayman.com or the Chamber of Commerce at 949-8090 ext. 122 and speak to Chamber CEO and Steering Committee member Wil Pineau.