Make life difficult for possible thieves

Frank Brennan is vice president of operations at The Security Centre Limited. With over 24 years of experience in law enforcement and the security industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to residential and commercial security. 

Harder for intruders to access your home? Easier for you to feel safe. 

If it takes more than a few minutes to break into a home, a burglar will likely head to another premise. Making it difficult for intruders to access your home pays off and will help keep you and your family safe. If you reduce the opportunity, increase risk of getting caught, and limit reward, you are reducing your risk of being a target.  

Closing and locking windows and doors sounds obvious but it is often forgotten about. This must be the first step taken to secure your home. All external doors and windows should be of sound build, installation and fit well. External doors should have a quality deadbolt. Homeowners will often lock the lockset and ignore the deadbolt. Burglars know this and often rely on the fact that the deadbolt is not locked. 

Adding outside lighting is also a cost effective addition to your home to help deter intruders. When forced to work in the light, the potential burglar most likely will search for an easier target. Motion sensor activated flood lights can illuminate even the darkest corners of your property, making it nearly impossible for a trespasser to prowl around in the dark.  

Consider safety when designing your property’s landscaping. Trimming back your hedges and avoiding lush landscaping around windows and walkways eliminates a place for burglars to hide. Limiting entry to back yard areas through a locked gate and adding sound perimeter fencing is also recommended to help reduce opportunity. 

Installing a home security system, will help increase the risk of a potential intruder getting caught. Nothing tells a burglar to move on or even get out quick like a home alarm system. Loud exterior and interior sounders will alert your neighbours but can also disorientate and drastically reduce the time a burglar is in the home.  

A home alarm system that is monitored by a professional 24 hour alarm monitoring command centre also aid the police to respond swiftly and the homeowner to know of any alarm activation in their home within seconds – wherever the homeowner may be. 

As with all technology, intruder alarm systems have become more sophisticated over the years so if you had a system installed five years ago, you may want to consider an upgrade. If you don’t have one, contact a local security company for a free quotation. 

Today’s CCTV video surveillance systems allow the homeowner to record surveillance locally and also survey their property on a computer from any remote location at any time, be it at the office or from abroad. Today’s systems can produce great evidence to assist with the police to bring the burglar to justice. 

For larger communities private security guards performing regular patrols can be a great way to inhibit a burglar on the prowl. A private security guard should always be equipped with a radio to immediately report any incident to his control centre. 

Burglars usually give themselves very little time to get in and out so limiting the reward is critical. Using strong boxes, safes and vaults for valuables is recommended. Strong boxes and safes that are light enough to be carried or rolled should be fastened down. The suggested method for this would be to fix it to both the floor and the wall. 

When it comes to home security, the most important thing is protecting your family. Be proactive and take steps necessary to better secure your home. Contact a professional security solutions provider and have them provide a free no obligation security assessment.  


Frank Brennan