The Persistence of Memory

On the heels of the highly successful ‘Islands Time Forgot’ exhibition, the National Gallery is partnering with long-time supporter Butterfield, to mount a new group show entitled the ‘The Persistence of Memory’. Featuring ten local artists, the new exhibition considers memory and its effects on our daily lives.

Each of the invited artists have been asked to consider how their own memories, good and bad, have shaped their personalities and animated their current actions and experiences. “For each of us as individuals, our memories establish where we’ve been, who we are. They are the threads that connect our childhood selves with the adults we have become,” says NGCI Director, and the exhibition’s curator, Natalie Urquhart. “Most notably, our human ability to conjure up long-gone but specific episodes of our lives, our ability to make sense of the continuity of the self, of the relation between mind and body, and of our experience of time.”

The Persistence of Memory will follow these threads, and invite participating artists to experiment with archival materials, multi-media and installation – from a variety of social and cultural perspectives – to help us better understand ourselves.

Featured artists include Davin Ebanks, Manuela Dack, Rita Powell, Wray Banker, Anne Goulden, Aston Ebanks, David Bridgeman Kaitlyn Elphinstone and Greg Lipton.

Persistence of Memory opens on May 19th and runs until August 19th 2011. For more information email [email protected] or call the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands 945-8111


Davin Ebanks’ Waterline, Eastern Passage