A fragrant world of candles

It is often said that of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most underrated. Indeed, if your nose is in good working order it can detect anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 smells. While we do not have words for each of these, we instinctively know what is a good or pleasant smell, and what is not.

Humans have always sought to cover up unpleasant odours and to surround themselves and their homes with pleasant ones. The market is filled with all manner of sweet smelling products from electric diffusers to incense and pot pourri to essential oil burners. In recent years scented candles have become by far the most popular means of bringing fresh, vibrant new fragrances into the home while also adding an intimate touch to any room. Candles Unlimited is, as the name suggests, a specialist boutique dedicated entirely to the pleasures of candles and related devices for perfuming interiors.


Specialising primarily in Yankee candles, which have an extremely long lasting scent, there is a vast range of sizes and fragrances available. The largest candles, sold in glass jars, will burn for anywhere from 100 to 150 hours, and even the smallest will give you 25 to 40 hours of gently flickering flames and delicious scents.

In addition to the popular jar candles, candles are also available in various sizes of tumbler, as well as votives, tea lights and the traditional tapered candle that sits in a candlestick. The numerous fragrances each have tantalizing names such as Apple Cider, Fluffy Towels, Beach Escape and Midnight Oasis and are available in each size. An aromatherapy collection is also available to evoke the tranquillity and luxury of a spa in your own home.

To make the best of the candles, special lamps are available, with painted glass shades, that cover the jar as if it were a lamp. Similarly decorated glass candle holders can not only look attractive but mean that candles can be used outdoors without blowing out. Packs of pot pourri filled with dried flowers, citrus fruits and other scented surprises are another decorative way to bring fresh scents into a room. Electric scent dispensers, car fresheners, reed diffusers and oil lamps are also available in many fragrances.

Primal Elements

Additional brands of candles include the soy Primal Elements candles. Soy candles are a relatively recent invention compared to the traditional paraffin and beeswax candles but occupy a significant share of the market. Wax made from soy bean oil is favoured by those with green tendencies as it is a renewable resource, burns cleanly without releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and produces 90 per cent less soot than paraffin candles.

Primal Elements’ Icon and Icon Wish candles are sold in stylish glass pots in classic black, cool blue and pure white glass. The colours serve to highlight the motifs and messages depicted in tiny rhinestones set into the glass. Each candle comes in a matching hand jewelled gift box and will provide 35-40 hours of twinkling burn time.

The monogram candles feature a jet black hand jewelled letter on white glass that is used to spell out messages.


Tag candles are ideal for those who want to create a special ambience with the warm, low light of candles without any of the mess than can accompany molten wax. Tag candles are not only unscented, they are also smokeless and dripless, which makes them ideal for decorative purposes. The clean and simple philosophy behind Tag candles translates into their design as well. Pillar candles, tapers, tea lights and floating candles are unadorned but sophisticated in their simplicity. Each size is available in a variety of colours that will add atmosphere and a festive air to any gathering.

Candles unlimited works with wedding coordinators, party planners and interior decorators to select the right arrangement of candles to create just the atmosphere the customer wants. Whatever they do not have in stock, they will work to order in, in good time.

Whenever you are stuck for a gift idea, or just want a little something to treat yourself with, stop by Candles Unlimited, where you will be spoilt for choice.

Located at Plaza Venezia on North Sound Road, Candles Unlimited re-opened in March 2011 under new ownership and is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.