About the Harquail Theatre

The Harquail Theatre is Cayman’s National Theatre; as such it is the best theatre in the country and well suited for community and professional productions. Companies have also used the theatre for corporate functions.

The Harquail Theatre seats 300 and is equipped with a computerized light board, a 32 track sound board, an array of lighting instruments and microphones, projectors and an intercom system. A grand piano is also available. The stage is 31 x 29 feet with adequate wings and a fly system. A loading dock facilitates bringing in large sets and a small workshop is in the adjacent building.

Facilities include a green room, two large dressing rooms with showers, and a star dressing room. A spacious foyer allows for displays and other creative uses of the space. The theatre holds a liquor licence that allows anyone renting the theatre to sell alcohol from the bar.

The Harquail Theatre

is available for:

Performances, for 
example: plays, musicals, dance recitals, cabarets, dinner theatre and 
poetry readings and 

Art and craft exhibitions



Trade expositions




Awards presentations