Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors

Products that are quality and sustainable

Robert Wood, owner of Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors in Industrial Park, offers an entire line of ‘green’ products for the home, office, exterior, interior and almost any other design space.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label shows shoppers that the product is certified sustainable.

In the case of all the products at Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors, it also proves that the product is of the highest quality, as well as being environmentally friendly.


Wood sells a wide variety of energy efficient ‘green’ lighting bulbs and fixtures.

He sells the popular LED lights that, he said, have been in car headlights for years. But he also sells halogen lights.

“The halogens we sell here are a cool beam, energy efficient halogen,” he said. “It’s a bulb that we resource from Germany, and the quality of light is just a clean, crisp white light.”

He also sells fixtures and dimmers, a product that goes hand-in-hand with the other options in his store.

“We represent Lutron Lighting Controls here, and Lutron is is the major player in green technology for whole home controls,” he said.


One of the highlights of Wood’s ‘green’ products is his bamboo collection.

“We have two of the largest manufacturers of green quality, green certified membership lines of bamboo,” Wood said. “It comes in a vast array of colours and products.”

Robert Wood Lighting and Interiors carries everything in bamboo, from flooring right down to plywood and the kitchens.

“We can provide most anything in bamboo- bamboo kitchens, sinks, countertops – anything in bamboo, right down thatch huts and bamboo fencing.”

All the bamboo at his store is environmentally friendly and grown on bamboo farms, where it can be harvested continually every four years.

“This piece of bamboo is so hard that it will not accept nails or screws in it,” he said. “It’s almost impervious to anything. When we order this, it comes with its own fasteners to fasten this in its own fastening, interlocking system.”

Bamboo is also rated for commercial flooring, and can be used in restrooms and on walls, bamboo decking and even textiles.

“Green floors are primarily bamboo, and we also have the coconut,” Wood said. “But the coconut is a little more expensive than the bamboo.”

Cork and thatch

“Our second line of flooring stemming from the bamboo and the coconut is cork,” Wood said.

The cork that Wood sells in his stores is eco-friendly (no trees are cut), quiet and warm with great acoustic and insulating properties, and it’s also hypoallergenic and comfortable for the foot.

“People seems to be somewhat afraid of cork on the stability, but there’s nothing to be afraid of cork about, because cork is quiet, it’s warm, it’s insulated, thus providing some sound proofing if installed on second stoney floors and it’s hypoallergenic. And it’s a pretty seamless floor,” he said. “It’s pretty new, so people are afraid of what to do with it, but I’ve seen people use it in restaurants, churches, children’s playrooms and other places.”

He also sells a choice of thatch products for different customer needs.

“We have the thatch, whether it be in the elephant grass or in woven thatch, we’ve got it all,” he said.

Porcelain, toilets and faucets

“In order to qualify for the green LEED certificate, (porcelain) has to be made from recycled material,” he said. “Our porcelain is remarkably hard and incredibly durable.”

Porcelain can be used in place of marble, but must be laid properly.

Wood also sells some of the highest quality toilets on the market.

“Our toilets here are Caroma Brand, and they have what’s called the one/two flush,” he said. “Everybody has a one/two flush toilet. But our toilet flush is 0.8 gallon, compared with the standard 1.6 gallon. These are extremely HET (highly efficient toilets) and carry the ‘water sense’ label. They are available in standard and easy height.”

In a recent demonstration, Wood flushed five potatoes on the half flush and flushed them all with no problem.

“There no more expensive than a regular one/two flush toilet, but the payback is there on the water bill,” he said.

Wood also has a line of faucets, which are “a ‘water sense’ line of faucents – very highly contemporary, extremely well-priced, beautifully designed, great workmanship, solid brass fixtures.”

For more information, visit or call 949-7765.