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Cayman Automotive

Cayman Automotive introduced the

first electric vehicle into Cayman and will soon add no less than 6 more options in 2011, which will include GEM, Zenn, Tesla, Tesla S, Fisker, Fisker Karma, Coda and the Caribbean’s first 100 per cent electric commercial trucks and vans.

The first electric vehicle to be registered as roadworthy in Cayman was a Chevrolet Volt brought on the island by Cayman Automotive.

The Zenn Electric, another vehicle introduced by Cayman Automotive can be plugged into a wall and will run for 40 miles on a charge. The Volt in contrast has extended range technology, it has a little gas engine the powers the generator even though it is the electric engine that’s driving the vehicle all the time.

These vehicles share many of the same features as gasoline powered vehicles and can in some cases kick their butt in the battle for supremacy in the top speed category. With a range of 40 – 300 miles on a single charge, the savings from the pump is the cure for your gas pains. There is a network of charge stations that will handle your charging needs from West Bay to East End which means no anxiety about running low on battery charge when required. Soon Cayman Automotive will introduce the Caribbean’s first solar panel charging stations and take advantage of the abundant renewable resource of energy available here in the Cayman Islands. They also have two authorised service centers in Grand Cayman and one in Cayman Brac to handle the service needs of our customers on the Sister Islands.

OTIS Air Conditioning

Imagine an office application with the reception, the meeting room, the president’s office; all part of the same system yet able to have different temperatures or being shut off without affecting other areas, realising tremendous energy savings compared to traditional centralised systems. Imagine this technology in your home allowing you to cool the room you use and not the rooms you don’t.

The versatility of the new Daikin system, brought to you by local suppliers OTIS Air Conditioning Ltd, makes it ideal for all commercial or residential projects including retail stores, small offices, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities schools and multifamily townhouses, condos or single family homes.

The revolutionary technology of the Daikin system allows for precise temparature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. The system employs an inverter unit which will gradually increase the compressor speed, rather than turn on and off, based on the capacity needed to cool down a room. Daikin uses non-ozone depleting refrigerants, minimises temperature fluctuations and reduces energy consumption by one-third compared to conventional on/off units.

Moreover it is easy to install and offers an excellent balance between investment and running costs.

re:newal – Earthstrong

Now you can be a environmentalist without even thinking about it by choosing re:newal premium spring water in the all natural, plant-based bottle. Drinking bottle water no longer has to be harmful to the environment or leave you worried about landfill space as re:newal bottles can biodegrade as soon as 75 days in the right conditions (versus 450 years for regular plastic bottles).

Earthstrong Ltd., a local company committed solely to the distribution of eco-friendly, organic and natural products, is proud to offer the Cayman Islands this revolutionary product which bottle and labels are 100 per cent compostable/biodegradable. Earthstrong believes that change for our planet’s future literally starts in our own backyard and is our common responsibility as citizens of these islands and this planet.

Launched in February 2011, the Guy Harvey special edition re:newal premium spring water product will raise funds for ocean conservation programs by donating 10 per cent of the proceeds from each bottle sold directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Look for 16.9 oz bottles of re:newal Premium Spring Water in your local grocery stores, Divetech, Hungry Horse Restaurant, Boatswain Beach, Texaco and Esso stations on island.

Earthstrong offers a range including household, personal care, office, food, health supplements, beverage, baby products, residential & industrial energy-efficiency products, among others. Each of their products must fall within one of five categories – natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic or biodegradable.

Earthstrong and re:newal are encouraging a greener, more sustainable Cayman!

Crimsafe security screens – The Security Centre

Crimsafe security screens are designed to replace existing window and door screens providing you energy efficiencies, security, and hurricane protection you can rely on.

Adding Crimsafe security screens on your windows and doors can greatly reduce the amount of heat entering your home, therefore reducing the need to run the air-conditioning and thus reducing your energy costs.

When a Crimsafe screen is added over the entire window, it can improve the windows ability to block solar radiation by up to 52 per cent. Windows play a very important role in the fabric of our homes. They allow in the light, control airflow, and provide views that connect our internal living space with the outdoors. However, ordinary windows can also represent a major source of unwanted heat gain throughout the year in Cayman.

Crimsafe security screens are available from The Security Centre, who began providing security officers and alarm systems to businesses and homes in the Cayman Islands in 2000. They cater to all the full-service security and life-safety demands of Cayman’s commercial and residential markets and offer complete security solutions to suit every budget, from electronic systems to physical services. They support clients all the way from initial concept and design through to installation, maintenance and ongoing management.

Arch Solar

Arch Solar is an award-winning renewable energy company that designs, supplies and installs the most efficient and attractive solar and wind energy systems on the market. Arch Solar’s turnkey solutions provide the most energy, so that their clients can realise the greatest cost savings. Arch Solar has been hand-selected to represent the manufacturers of the world’s most efficient solar solutions.

Arch Solar systems are designed to generate electricity over a system life typically exceeding 25 years. The company offers rooftop and ground-mounted solar power systems as well as architectural systems integrated into trellises and carports. Arch Solar also offers solar hot water and pool heating systems incorporating the thinnest solar collectors on the market.

A subsidiary of Arch Solar, Smart Energy specialises in comprehensive energy audits, energy efficiency consulting and automation projects for residential and commercial applications.

Arch Solar’s goal is to provide a premium service to each of their clients, from an initial energy assessment through to system design, deployment and financing, using industry-leading renewable energy technology. At each stage, their qualified professionals will assist you with selecting the most efficient and cost-effective system to meet your energy needs and ensure satisfaction with your choice of renewable energy investment and the benefits it will bring both now and in the years to come.