Island Heritage turns roundabout green

By sponsoring a roundabout on the bypass, Island Heritage continues its green ways

Island Heritage is an insurance company that cares about the environment, seen lately in their sponsorship of a roundabout on the bypass.

On the roundabout, there will be “native, locally grown trees using silver thatch palm, one of Cayman’s National symbols, Poinciana, Sea Grape and Coco Plum to name a few,” says Monique Bush, assistant marketing manager at Island Heritage. “Sustainable trees and shrubs are used, eliminating the need for frequent replanting, and mainly organic maintenance products are used for monthly maintenance.”

They also have a focus on going ‘green’ – in support of Earth Day 2010, Island Heritage employees participated in the Chamber of Commerce organised roadside and beach clean-up.

Enthusiastic volunteers along with some young family members turned up at the Barker’s Beach in West Bay despite the adverse weather conditions.

The group, who are also a member of the Corporate Green Team Network, are trying to do their part for the environment in and out of the office.

This upcoming Earth Day in April promises to be no different – Island Heritage staff will be involved this year’s Chamber of Commerce Earth Day Clean-up.

Staff have also made the effort toward going paperless.

“We use dual screens for all staff, allowing for less unnecessary print for use in data comparison,” Ms Bush says. “Electronic customer files eliminate use of paper and folders, overseas agents operate with us strictly electronically, and there is an online application process for new policies.”

Island Heritage has added the automation of air conditioning for optimal efficiency and a scheduled temperature change and cut-off system.

“We’ve eliminated use of disposable table-ware, cups and cutlery in company kitchen,” she adds. “We use only reusable items, and we have an aluminium can recycling bin in company kitchen.”

The bin is collected and dealt with through one of the schools projects.

Spanning the Caribbean

Island Heritage clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that Island Heritage’s risk strategy is spread by insuring properties across multiple island territories.

This spread greatly helps to stabilise pricing and coverage across the Caribbean where they operate.

Following a series of major hurricanes in the 1980s and early 1990s that had resulted in huge region-wide losses, reliable and affordable insurance was becoming increasingly difficult for Caribbean property owners to find.

Recognising that a new type of insurance company was needed for the Caribbean, in 1996 Island Heritage was founded in Grand Cayman.

The aim in those early days was to do one thing, and do it well – property insurance.

Island Heritage soon became one of the Caribbean’s strongest capitalised insurance companies.

Home Buildings Insurance protects your home, swimming pool, outbuildings, walls and fences, and other items from damage caused by fire, lightning, hurricanes and storms, flood, theft, vandalism, and more.

In addition to this basic level of coverage, Island Heritage can cover unique items such as loss of rent, satellite dishes and external antennae, sea walls, docks, piers, and jetties, coverage for employee liability and subsidence and landslip risks.

Home Contents Insurance protects the contents of the home, garage, and other buildings on properties from damage caused by fire, lightning, hurricanes and storms, flood, theft, vandalism, and more.

Contents specifically insured are valuables and personal effects, electronic equipment, such as TV, audio, video and computer equipment, and contents taken outside of the home.

Additional coverage is available for accidental damage to furniture, underground systems, freezer contents, and numerous other items.

Now clients can be assured that their insurance company represents a move in the green direction.