If it’s Sunday it must be brunch

A steady flow of customers on Saturdays proved to owners Walter and Cristiano that Agua’s Saturday brunch was a hit, especially with the younger crowd looking for some relaxation and fun, mingling with friends and trying out the restaurant’s latest delicacies. Creating a Sunday brunch was simply an extension of their Saturday brunch success, and judging by the crowds happy to dive into some of the most succulent mussels, freshest smoked salmon and crisp salads and veggies, Sundays will be just as popular an affair.

Agua, situated in the Galleria Plaza on the West Bay Road, is immediately attractive to diners, with plush white leather sofas beckoning diners in to come and sit luxuriously while taking a bite or a sip. Inside, the owners have extended the exterior with a permanent awning that covers a huge patio area, making this the perfect location for a relaxed Sunday brunch, benefiting not only from the shade of the awning but also a cool breeze that is so indicative of Cayman’s glorious climate at this time of year.

Agua has a really excellent selection of seafood and salads to start off you brunch dining experience. I particularly enjoyed the variety of sweet roasted vegetables, freshly prepared lettuces and other salad items and dressings, so that you can mix and match in this department to your own liking. Cold roast meets, cheeses and pasta salads add to the culinary mix, along with sushi and sashimi that look as if they’ve just been rolled and cut, (as in fact they have – the chef on hand to continually replenish empty plates).

Eggs are always a popular choice for brunchers, the archetypal choice for a proper meal that straddles both breakfast and lunch. Choose eggs to order at Agua – the usual scrambled and fried of course make an appearance, but I suggest it would be rude not to try out eggs Benedict or the Spanish-infused Huevos Rancheros as well.

Mains are plentiful, varied and delicious, a la true Agua style. Beef fillet rendang, a Malaysian-based curry dish, was a melt-in-the mouth experience, full of coconut, lemon grass and chilli goodness. Grouper Cayman-style is a no-brainer it’s always so good, while Agua’s iconic paella mixta was a delicious combo of rice golden with saffron, mussels in their shells, spicy chorizo sausage, clams, shrimps, chicken, peppers and peas. You couldn’t ask for more in a paella.

Kids were well catered for, my carnivorous offspring delighting in the restaurant’s singularly delicious lasagna as well as requesting repeat savourings of their superb beef Wellington.

Mum and dad enjoyed a glass or two of Marquis de Latour sparkling wine, which blended successfully with the orange juice placed on the table in small decanters, a nice touch that allowed you to dictate the mix of your Bucks Fizz to your own specifications.

The dessert table was groaning with a spectacular display. What to choose from? The pistachio cremoso, hazelnut profiteroles and fruit tarts all beckoned, but the pistachio cremoso screamed “Eat me!” the loudest, an excellent choice as the light and delicate pistachio-infused cream gave way to succulently juicy black cherries at the bottom of the glass.

If it’s Sunday, it must be brunch, and Agua’s new offering does so in style.

Sunday’s brunch is priced at $45 with bubbles or $33 just the food; Saturday is $39 and $27.


Gazpacho. – Photo: submitted