Home Gas Ltd brings eco-friendly appliances and yard tools to Cayman

Clean efficient propane has long been recognised as a safe low-carbon, environmentally friendly energy. Using propane is the smart way to ‘GO GREEN’ and also benefit from the extra value, reliability and versatility of gas appliances.

If you are thinking ahead to the importance of preserving the delicate eco-system of these islands, using propane appliances and tools will contribute toward that goal in a very real way – and that is something you can feel very good about.

Lawn care at its eco-finest

For lawn care, you can’t beat the new Lehr line of yard tools, such as their lawn mowers, weed trimmers and blowers/mulchers to keep your outdoor area looking great. The Eco-Blower/Mulcher provides 2 tools in 1 because it both blows loose yard debris into neat piles, and it also creates mulch that is healthier for your plants and can add a finished look to your landscaping. You won’t believe how effortless it is to crank a Lehr yard tool with just a simple tug of the cord. If you stop by the Home Gas Appliance Showroom, our professionally trained staff will gladly let you try it for yourself!

The Lehr yard tools all run off a small 16-ounce propane canisters so they are lightweight and easy to handle. Plus, these canisters can be conveniently and economically refilled from a 20-lb cylinder with the use of a small coupling device that is available from Home Gas.

All of the Lehr yard tools achieve better overall performance without the danger, inconvenience and negative environmental impact of gasoline use and storage. For example, Lehr’s four-stroke string trimmer produces far less pollution and is more convenient than the two-stroke gas-and-oil machines it can replace.

“Propane is much safer, more efficient and more reliable,” says Dayne Brady, General Manager of Home Gas. “Using these Lehr yard tools eliminates the nasty fumes you would breathe while operating the gasoline-powered versions of these tools.”

Mosquito magnets are an attractive way to rid your

yard of pests

Now that mosquitoes seem to be out in full force, there is a safe, eco-friendly way to eliminate these pests from your outdoor living area. Start enjoying the outdoors again with the most advanced mosquito mitigation system available – the Mosquito Magnet. It works silently and effectively to attract and capture mosquitoes within your yard and patio.

The Mosquito Magnet’s patented, cutting-edge trap technology is odorless and is effective in all weather. Covering up to an acre per unit, the Mosquito Magnet begins working immediately with the population declining in just four weeks. With Mosquito Magnet’s 24/7-protection you can effectively rid yourself of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

How does it work? Basically, a 20-lb cylinder of propane is converted to carbon dioxide (CO2) – resembling human breath. An additional attractant is used to enhance the lure, which the mosquitoes can’t resist. They follow the scent of CO2 and attractant – thinking it’s human prey. Once drawn in by the trap’s CounterFlow Technology, mosquitoes are captured in the net where they quickly dehydrate and die within 24 hours.

It’s quite simply the cleanest and safest way to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects from your yard. Check out our Mosquito Magnets on display at our Appliance Showroom to see how well they work.

Outdoor convection ovens/grills

One of the best ways to keep the heat outside and give both your air-conditioning and your power bill a break is to prepare your food outdoors. Smart chefs know gas grills and convections ovens outside the home are an excellent way to make a delicious meal. For cooking outdoors, Bubba’s Ovens are considered the most innovative gas grills to come on the market in years.

Imagine cooking your entire dinner on the grill without ever having to worry that any of your food will burn. Instead, it is tasty and moist every time. The versatility of these grills enables you to roast, steam, smoke and grill roast beef, jerk chicken, apple pies, cakes and more. The best part is that you can cook your entire meal outdoors.

Lots of ways to save

with propane

Home Gas realises that, for some, “going green” isn’t necessarily a key motivational factor to switch to appliances and tools powered by propane. Still, there are many other reasons to consider propane products for the excellent value they provide. Using propane helps you reduce your energy costs. It’s safe, reliable, non-toxic and it keeps working for you – even in a power outage.

Home Gas continues to look for the latest in propane technology that can be used to preserve our delicate eco-system and lower energy costs. We also offer propane gas dryers, cooktops and ranges, pool heaters, Tiki torches, generators and more.

Please stop by our Appliance Showroom on Walkers Road, or call us at 949-9339.