Green products and services in Cayman


reen Works

Meet Green Works®, a line of naturally derived cleaning products brought to you by the people who invented clean: Clorox. A balanced, natural lifestyle begins with a clean home. There are two very good reasons why it is better to switch from everyday cleaning products to green household cleaning products. One, is that they contain harmful solvents and chemicals that we breathe in and absorb through our skins, the other is that they are harmful to the environment. That’s why the people at Clorox got to work on a line of products that clean powerfully. At the time, there was no industry standard for natural, so they looked at some existing definitions and set the bar even higher. Their products:

Are made with plant and mineral based cleaning ingredients.

Come from biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived.

Are not tested on animals.

Use environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible.


re acknowledged by the Natural Products Association, the Sierra Club and the EPA’s Design for the Environment programme.

Jocelyn Da Costa, from Maedac Supply Co. Ltd, the local distributor of Green Works on island, says, “Remember it is not just about us it’s about what we are passing on to future generations.” She suggests involving your children when you are sourcing your green cleaners. “Make it a fun time with kids…educational even by asking them to read the labels and compare what they think is a better product for mother earth.”

Cartridge Smart

Controlling operating costs and reducing your environmental impact are important to everyone. Cartridge Smart has the solution. They provide the public and businesses with a cost effective printing alternative, reducing the number of cartridges that end up in the islands’ landfill. Cartridge Smart combines innovative technology with reliable service and quality products.

So, how can Cartridge Smart save you money and help the environment? Cartridge Smart remanufactures ink and toner cartridges in their state-of-the-art facility. Following strict controls and practices, using remanufactured printer cartridges eliminates waste and saves you money. When properly cared for a cartridge can be refilled many times and we guarantee all of our products throughout their lifetime. A refilled cartridge has the same page yield as an original and often more.

There are many benefits to be gained from using Cartridge Smart:

Commercial discounts based on volume.

100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed on all cartridges.

Free collection and delivery.

Guaranteed next day delivery or same day if required.

It’s time to think smart, Cartridge Smart, for the sake of you and our Islands.

Power Flower

Power Flower is an organisation built with a strong set of values and a genuine dedication, providing a full service landscape design and installation with high quality professional maintenance to condos, residential and commercial. At the same time Power Flower is very aware of the landscape industry’s impact on the environment (positive and negative). They are committed to the preservation of the environment and are continuously implementing environmentally sound landscape practices.

They engage in an Integrated Pest Management approach to managing pests; it incorporates the combined use of biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical methods in a way that reduces the impact on human health and the environment. They also utilise numerous organic fertilisers and pesticides (horticultural oils and beneficial insects).

Power Flower follow a number of xeriscape principles to create landscapes that require less water, fertilisers, chemicals and maintenance. These include utilising native and drought tolerant plants, designing efficient irrigation systems, reducing lawn areas (incorporating some gravel areas instead), grouping plants with similar water requirements together and letting grass clippings fall back into the lawn when mowing.

Given Cayman’s climate the advantages are lower consumption of water, while taking maximum advantage of rainfall. And even in extended dry periods drought tolerant plants tend to thrive. In addition less time needed for maintenance.

Power Flower currently compost all of their green waste generated during maintenance operations.

Power Flower are sponsors of the 14th annual Earth Day Roadside Clean-Up organised by the Chamber of Commerce to be held on 2 April 2011, an event where we can all exhibit our concern for environmental responsibility.

Recycling Services – We Buy Scrap Metal

By now you have seen the signs or read the shirts ‘WE BUY SCRAP METAL, now for the break down. The laid back East Enders have been cutting, crushing, hauling and shipping nonferrous material from Cayman.

What is non ferrous? The term non-ferrous is used to indicate metals other than iron and alloys that do not contain an appreciable amount of iron. Take a magnet to your metal and if it does not stick then Recycling Services will buy. The price per pound varies depending on the type of scrap metal. “Lead, copper, aluminum and so on all have different prices that fluctuate every day,” says Tim Frey.

All the metals are sorted and crushed separately. Car batteries are prepared and packed according to shipping standards before they are sent off island.

Recycling Services will buy your air conditioners, car batteries, aluminum, copper, brass, computer towers and car engines.

They will be happy to weigh your material at their Farm Road location in East End. If you don’t want to go ‘all the way to East End’, you can visit their a drop off location at the owner James Moore’s future, family bar and grill located in Red Bay on Shamrock Road.

Add your company to their collection list by giving Recycling Services (345)769 9995 a call. Keep Cayman clean.

Mega Systems

With an abundancy of sunlight and the new CUC Feed in Tariff, investors in Cayman finally have a reason to take a closer look at renewable energy as an alternative energy source for their home or business. This new programme has sparked the interest of many and Mega Systems is always available to answer any questions.

They will be attending a number of the different shows this month to celebrate Earth Day/Week, including the Earth Day Festival at Camana Bay.

They will be showcasing a number of the different green projects and products such as solar (pv), LED lighting, solar hot water, air to water heat exchangers and solar ventilation, etc. LED lighting for example can easily be retrofitted into any house or business and energy savings tend to offset the initial investment quickly. This combined with the longevity of LEDs not only saves energy and money it also good for the environment.

So whether your building a new home and want to learn about the latest in green technologies or if you would like to reduce the energy consumption of your current home or business, come visit our booths or give us a call and we help.

Mega Systems is also a full MEP contracting company offering services in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, fire alarm and petroleum. Servicing residential, commercial and industrial with design, service and maintenance, new construction, renovations and more.