Cayman Turtle Farm goes biodegradable

Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter is a 100 per cent Caymanian-owned, Caymanian-led enterprise combining tourism services with vital research into the lifecycle and sustainable husbandry of a magnificent species that has the potential to help feed the world. Sustainability of the planet’s wildlife is at the company’s core.

The Farm recently launched several environmental initiatives:

Take-away containers, cups and straws used in the Farm’s food and beverage operations are now biodegradable, made from plant materials: primarily bamboo, corn, and paper. Only biodegradable water bottles are now sold there.

Marine algae filtered from the salt-water lagoon is now being saved and used to nourish landscaping around the Farm and elsewhere. This has yielded dramatic results in tropical fruit trees, and this unique resource is now for sale at a modest rate to local farmers.

Various operational systems and procedures were adjusted to realise significant savings in electricity and water usage.

Four different research projects are at various stages, adding to some 100 scientific papers on research already conducted in conjunction with the Farm.

The Turtle Release Program benefiting the wild population, is now an enhanced process wherein released turtles are carefully selected, quarantined and trained to forage for their own food. Satellite tracking of some released turtles will commence during the next few weeks.

Individuals and corporations can assist in conservation efforts through sponsorship programs. A release turtle sponsorship costs CI$1,800 and the sponsor can have the release take place where and when they choose. The price to sponsor a satellite-tracked turtle will soon be announced.

The Farm is also a vital part of Cayman Wildlife Rescue and such events as Earth Day.

Visit or visit the Cayman Turtle Farm Facebook page for more information.