Who is this mystery man?

Visitors to George Town recently may have witnessed an unusual sight. A well-dressed gentleman in a bowler hat, carrying an overcoat, a green apple and an umbrella, has been seen walking into several corporate offices. While this may appear normal on the streets of London, it seemed a little out of the ordinary for the Cayman Islands so the Journal decided to investigate. 

After barely missing him at Paget Brown Trust Company Ltd, we managed to catch up with him around the corner at KPMG. Is he a visiting QC? A slightly eccentric financier? In fact it was none of the above. Our mystery man is actually an art intervention, the human embodiment of Rene Magritte’s Son of Man painting which was a prominent motif in the 1999 art heist remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. 

In fact he is busy hand delivering invitations (and apples!) for this year’s National Gallery Annual Fundraising Ball.

It turns at that this painting forms the theme of this year’s Ball. 

The highly anticipated event will be held at Camana Bay on 26 March. Gentlemen guests will be provided with bowler hats on arrival, décor will be inspired by green apples and the entertainment promises to be a ‘surreal’ affair.

According to the committee, funds raised at the ball will go towards the creation of the new NGCI education centre, a facility that will provide hands on learning opportunities for the entire community from residents at The Pines Retirement Home through to primary school children. It will also house NGCI’s new Family Programme, designed to encourage cultural interaction and quality family time in a creative, informative and inspiring environment.

If the excitement generated by our mystery man’s forays around George Town are anything to go by, the main event promises to be a unique, elegant and playful evening for all who attend. 

For tickets and information call 945-8111 or email [email protected] 


Who is the mystery man?
Shimon D. Yanowitz ????? ????