Mergers, acquisitions at Calypso Grill

Local artist Terry Grimes always manages to capture the moment with her expressive landscapes that create mood and atmosphere with every brush stroke. 

Her latest exhibition, titled “Mergers imagined and …” takes place at Calypso Grill on Monday, 7 March, and highlights an exciting new turn in the career of this talented local artist.

“Subject matter for this new exhibition include what I like to call Italian mergers after my visits to this country and the inspiration that I receive every time I visit. Of course there will be lots of local scenes as well, as well as some scenes from Jamaica, where I also love to visit, to add to the collection of “mergers imagined”,” she confirms.

Terry’s ‘Merger’ series consists of combined ‘Plein Air’ paintings that she has undertaken over the past three years.

“Basically I had between 20 to 30 small landscape studies that I’ve wanted to something with. Although they are from three different areas of Italy, and from three different years, when I placed them together on the wall I realised how well they all flowed together so I cut them up and pasted them over top and around each other and created large imaginary “paint scapes” from them,” she explains.

“It has been interesting and a lot of fun and I still have about three more to try. So far I have only attempted this with my Italian studies – but I can envision taking this further with my studies of Jamaica and Cayman. It will be interesting to see where this takes me next!”

Part of the proceeds from any sales will be donated to the Land Reserve Fund of the National Trust of the Cayman Islands. Janet Walker from the National Trust explains the importance of this cause:

“The National Trust, having identified certain wild areas rich in biodiversity, is working to set up a system of protected areas but it needs the help of everyone, such as individuals like Terry, as well as companies, who see the need to balance development and preservation of habitat that supports our biodiversity.

This year we hope to enlarge our holding in or near to the Mastic Reserve, and to protect the main nesting sites for the brown rock iguana on Little Cayman. It is terrific that Terry is supporting our efforts and hopefully this will encourage others to think about what they could do to as well.”


Dans Poggia beyond Dolgio–Carsulae Field