Raising artistic stakes with Out of Control exhibition

Arteccentrix recently presented one of Cayman’s most dynamic and exciting artists of the moment – Greg Lipton at his Out of Control exhibition, held late last year. The Journal finds out what makes this particularly talented artist tick.

Tell us about your thoughts for this show and how did you translate those thoughts into the exhibition?

The main inspiration/overview for this show was my fascination with both “out of control” people and situations. As for the planning, I had a list of ideas that I had been compiling over the past few years. The ideas for paintings, sculptures, installations, show themes, movie plots, sometimes just random ideas, were continually added to the list. “Out of Control” was originally inspired by an idea for one painting on that list (Super Man shooting a gun with a massive explosion behind him). The idea that Super Man would never do this and the fact that he was obviously out of control was intriguing to me. I expanded this idea and came up with other concepts that I believe are out of control and then wanted to leave the question open as to whether being out of control is a good or bad thing.

Can you give us an overview of some of your favourite pieces?

The World is Yours, – Scarface in a McDonald’s uniform: This is about never giving up on your dreams or your hopes, and to remain ambitious no matter what the controlling circumstances might be in your life.

Out of Control – Super Man – is about an action or decision that would be considered below ones character.

Childhood Memories, is about the sheer joy and excitement of being out of control as a kid doing something you probably shouldn’t do but at the same time the intention is harmless.

Relentless – is about not being controlled by negativity.

How beautiful am I? Is about being so wrapped up in ones self that they become something ugly.

How do your ideas migrate into physical pieces of art?

Each idea for a piece goes through a checklist before I commit to it. The idea gets roughly sketched out, sometimes in 10 – 15 different scenarios before I am satisfied with the idea.

You have sculpture, paintings, installation and video art in this exhibition. How did the exhibition become so diverse?

I love diversity in art. I wanted this art show to turn out as such while maintaining the back bone of the shows overall idea. I usually like the style of the painting to reflect the idea behind the painting.

Any feedback from the show?

There has been a lot of great feedback from the show and as far as I have heard it is positive. I was happy with the turn out at Arteccentrix for the opening night and I think everyone enjoyed the show and everything that went along. However, there was one elderly lady who stormed out the gallery after telling me that the whole show was horrifying and she would probably have nightmares because of it. She was kind enough to excuse me for the mess because I am Canadian.

What’s on the agenda 
for the New Year?

I do have a few projects in mind for 2011. I have recently finished writing a script for a short film which I hope to co-direct and shoot in Canada in the upcoming year. I am always planning for an art show so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Visit www.Liptonart.com 
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for more info on this artist.