Leasing telecom centre space

Leased space service in today’s telecommunications market puts the focus on customers and overcoming disasters, writes Donnie Forbes, head of technology operations for LIME.

The heart of communications in the Cayman Islands is in downtown George Town.

Companies like LIME are now offering something called hosting – offering lease space for businesses and customers to house their IT and server infrastructure in a purpose designed and built telecommunication centre that is designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

This enables companies to focus their energy and resources on running their businesses, rather than managing their IT infrastructure.

In addition, it reduces costs and increases capabilities and efficiency associated with using the host’s infrastructure and resources.

Hosting offers personalised, purpose-built server rooms that are dedicated to individual clients server needs.

These rooms are ideal for organizations looking for a customized and secure location to safeguard their electronic records and information.

This service can be used as the main centre for information storage and server holding, or for a back-up system that comes with the additional services of hosting.

Clients can use the hosting service if they prefer to avoid the expense of establishing their own data centre facilities because they don’t have a significant number of servers. In short, this state-of-the-art server space can be used as either the primary server location or an alternative location.

One of the many benefits of using server hosting is that the host centre ground floors are at least 10 feet above sea level and all critical network and data infrastructure is typically housed on higher floors in a space that offers all the necessary redundancy systems in terms of AC, cooling and redundant power to permanently maintain customer’s server infrastructure.

Each system has a back-up unit that goes online in case the main unit fails.

This includes back-up generators with bulk fuel tanks on site to provide sufficient electricity for several days.

Hosting spaces should also have a clean agent fire suppression system, with rated firewalls and doors, concrete ceilings and floors, and remote fire detection and suppression monitoring.

Video monitoring and image capturing for restricted areas within the building, main access points and outside the building are also available on-site.

Alarms are triggered for cooling, power, fire and telecommunication systems.

All of these offerings by the host company add up to the advantages of using hosting for companies’ telecommunications and infrastructure needs.

All of this must be monitored by 24-hour security on-site, in addition to all-hours CCTV monitoring. Beyond the security checkpoint customers access their server space through a required escort service with FOB/Dongle access for multiple secure zones and fingerprint for the hosted space – clients can access their workspace at any hour.

All of these features of this hosting service adds up to peace of mind for clients that their IT infrastructure is located inside a protected, temperature-controlled, secured location.

In event of a hurricane, the information systems are safe and protected – because the infrastructure and physical space offered at the hosting location is secure and built prepared for even the worst of conditions, clients can focus on their business and not issues stemming from major storm or other harsh weather implications.

Hosting services are also supported by a large fibre network that is operated by LIME on the Island.

This high speed cable system is part of an international network of deep sea cables that connects Cayman to the rest of the world.

Downtown George Town is positioned between two major cable systems; the Cayman Jamaica fibre system and the MAYA cable system, which gives diverse connectivity all over Cayman.

Customers who house their infrastructure in LIME’s telecommunications centre, for example, benefit from the fact that LIME is the owner/operator of both of those systems, providing direct connectivity and eliminating the risks deriving from local network cuts. In addition, clients have access to on-site board rooms.

The services are provided and supported by guaranteed service level agreements.

ISPs, which are another major communication hub for a lot for the customers, are also housed in this building.

Fixed line voice services, if that is a requirement, is also in the building. Mobile cell phone, those switches are here. You have ability to touch all communication mediums on island.