Everyday solutions to meet your New Year’s resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching, bringing a sense of new beginnings. Historically, two of the biggest New Year’s resolutions are getting fit and losing weight. Unfortunately for many, discouragement sets in by February and the well-intentioned programme is dropped until the following New Year.

 As pressures and stress in our professional and personal lives increase, the first thing to be dropped from the daily routine is the one thing that could potentially benefit us the most.  In our modern day lives we have become so ‘busy’ we do not believe we have the time necessary to exercise so we use this as a convenient excuse.  At Solutions Ltd. we believe that fitness should be a way of life as, undeniably, the biggest asset we can have in life is our health.

This year, regardless of the burden of your personal and professional commitments, make one resolution count: make your health a priority.

We all know the benefits of exercise:

  • increases your energy levels;
  • decreases your feelings of stress;
  • builds stronger muscles, bones and joints;
  • protects you from disease;
  • burns unwanted body fat;
  • improves your outlook on life.

When you begin to exercise regularly you will feel strong and disciplined. You are doing something good for yourself and will feel a sense of accomplishment. These good feelings increase your self confidence and spread to your overall personal and professional wellbeing.

The economy is tough right now and everyone is feeling the pinch. While joining a gym, taking up a new sport or hiring a personal trainer may seem like a luxury you can’t afford, living a healthy lifestyle can save you thousands in the long run. Maintaining a healthy weight will save you money by not having to continually restock your closet with bigger clothes. By cooking healthy meals at home instead of eating out, you will be without costly restaurant bills. That’s not even mentioning how much you will save in doctor visits and missed time from work due to illness. Research shows the more you weigh, the more your medical expenses will be.

This is your health, not a new purse. We spend thousands of dollars every year on new cars, clothes and the latest gadgets. What good are these to you if you are overweight, unhappy and unhealthy? You may not feel you can afford to take necessary steps to get fit, but the real question is can you afford not to?

A number of the excuses that people make – lack of commitment and motivation, busy lifestyle, lack of proper knowledge to safely and effectively exercise – are warranted but easily overcome when employing the services of a personal trainer. Solutions Ltd. has now expanded its personal and professional services to include that of Health and Fitness.

Carla Palmeri brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise as both a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist to Solutions Ltd. and will assist in a variety of capacities to enable you to make your health a priority. Carla provides a mobile service and will train you in the home or workplace.