The elevation of art

Cayman Traditional Arts and The Ritz-Carlton have again paired up to bring art lovers a brand new innovative exhibition, entitled ‘Elevation’ at The Gallery of The Ritz-Carlton. The exhibition features artists Avril Ward, CE Whitney, CJ Viggers, Chris Christian, Gordon Solomon, John Broad, Lorna Griggs, Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Randy Chollette, Shane Aquart and Tansy Maki.

Viewers will be drawn into the moody, dark and mysterious paintings of Lorna Griggs, the humorous primary colours of Shane’s Dready art work, the symbolic ethereal paintings by Tansy and the stunning dolphin pieces by CJ, to name but a few. Read the Journal next month for much more in depth coverage of this uplifting new show, which runs until February 2011.


Artists at the opening night: left to right: Lorna Griggs, CJ Viggers, Randy Chollette, Nasaria Suckoo-Choll ette, Gordon Solomon, Chris Christian , Tans y Ma ki an d Shan e Aquar t.