PwC introduces new branding initiative

Big Four professional services organisation PricewaterhouseCoopers has recently refreshed its branding in order to strengthen and modernise how it represents its worldwide network. The Journal reports.

The new branding includes a simplified logo consisting of the initials ‘pwc’ in lower-case type. In practice, the initials ‘PwC’ have been used interchangeably with the name PricewaterhouseCoopers both within and outside the organisation since its formation in 1998. According to the firm, this formal shortening of the brand name will provide consistency and ease of use for PwC firms around the world. PricewaterhouseCoopers remains the full name of the global organisation for legal purposes, and will be the name used by PwC firms to sign company audits.

The new logo was developed after consultation with PwC’s clients, partners and employees and is designed to be easier to use and better suited to digital and online use.

Dennis Nally, chairman, PwC International says: “We think our new brand expression visually distinguishes PwC in the same way that the quality and expertise of our people differentiates the experience of working with PwC.”

He furthers: “Underlying the visual elements is what the PwC brand really stands for — how we are viewed by our clients, our people and our stakeholders. Beyond our capabilities and experience, we want PwC to be known for building great relationships with clients that help them create the value they’re looking for.”

The emphasis on a new brand reflects PwC’s desire for a more unified representation across its global network.

Moira Elms, PwC’s global leader of brand and communications explains: “Our decision to make this change now is because over the last decade PwC has continued to grow and evolve and a concise consistent Brand position makes it easier for people to appreciate who we are, what we do, and how we operate across markets.”

Creation of the new brand positioning was the work of PwC’s Global Brand Team and its Network Leadership Team with assistance from the global brand consultancy Wolff Olins. PwC’s global website,, has been redesigned to reflect the changes. Visual representations of the new logo can be downloaded at

Locally, the PwC team is embracing the change as a way to strengthen the firm’s position globally.

Brian Rando, Senior Manager with PwC Cayman confirms: “The change shows we are different, we are innovative, add value and aren’t content being like our peers.”

Angilynn Chan, Manager with PwC’s Cayman office says: “It’s more than just a new logo; it’s showing that we stand out from the crowd. We are informed, inspired and creating value, not just trying to conform.”

Chan furthers that the rebranding is an extension of how the firm operates globally: “PwC talks about creating value, and appreciates that value is something that is personal. We cannot add value to you without building that relationship and seeking to understand first. The two go hand in hand,” she says.

“This is not only a client focused initiative, this extends to our people. We build relationships by sharing and collaborating with each other everyday.
The more that we can learn and share, the more value that we add to both our professional and personal lives.”

Stephen Bird, Director with PwC in Cayman says: “Our new brand and logo boldly shows the market that we are different, we embrace change and aspire to create value.” 


Angilynn Chan, Manager with PwC’s Cayman office with Brian Rando, Senior Manager with PwC Cayman.