Miller’s marathon task

Running a marathon that stretches over 26.2 miles used to be the average weekend warrior’s ultimate sporting goal. As overall fitness levels rose, that became far more achievable and commonplace. Many are motivated to do it for charity, which is exactly what an obsessive Australian intends, only he is doing 52 marathons in as many weeks.

Tristan Miller is the heroic – possibly deranged – athlete who is running around the world for a good cause. His 52 marathons in 42 countries over 12 months will end on 27 December in his home city of Melbourne. In the meantime there is Jamaica’s Reggae marathon on 4 December and he will helicopter in the next day for the Cayman Marathon.

After that it’s the small task of tackling the 100km Ice Marathon in Antarctica before the Melbourne home run. Miller, 33, sold his house, motorbike, car and pretty much everything he owned to raise the funds to finance this project. Thankfully for Miller, his main sponsor is Cayman businessman Kenneth Krys, CEO of high finance company Krys & Associates. Krys, an ultra-distance runner himself, is also going to run the Ice Marathon.

Miller hopes to raise up to $100,000 for the charities www.runlikecrazy (his own), UNICEF and Facing Africa which all help starving, disadvantaged and orphaned African children. The Cayman angle is that partial proceeds will go to the Cayman Islands School of Fitness, a programme designed to assist the public school system, devised by Ray Singh at King’s Sports Centre.

On a brief visit to Cayman last week, Miller said:

“I was already raising money for UNICEF and decided to contribute to Facing Africa after reading about it and seeing some of the websites and videos of what happens to these children. It really struck a chord with me. All I can ask people to do is go on the net and look at these charities and put some money to them. I don’t take any personal pledges or donations from the public. If they read my blogs or watch my videos and think it’s interesting, instead of giving me money, I’d love them just to give $10 to one of these fantastic charities.

“I’ve got some help from Ken with sponsorship which is fantastic. He’s been a great sponsor. I hate to say it but it’s just a small portion of the $120,000-odd it has cost me to get through this year.”

There is a fundraiser on 5 December at Breezes By The Bay, 5-7pm. Tristan Miller is the guest speaker. There will be a live auction and complimentary food.