Investing the BAF way – Guaranteed

How did your investments perform over the past year? The global economic meltdown and the continuing recession was a certain nightmare for investors everywhere; but not so much for clients of BAF Insurance Company (Cayman) Limited.

BAF SaveSmart – Guaranteed Returns
In an uncertain financial world where many savers saw negative gains on their pensions and other investments, BAF clients suffered little because of the company’s Guaranteed Pension Plans and minimum guaranteed returns on the BAF SaveSmart annuities. With as little as $500 to start, a BAF SaveSmart annuity guarantees a minimum of 4% return in the first year with a promise of competitive rates thereafter.

A BAF financial planner can help you choose the BAF SaveSmart plan that is best for you and your circumstances. If you have a large sum of $2,500 or more that you wish to invest in a lump sum, you can choose a Single Annuity. This type of investment gives you the flexibility to increase your principal at any time with other lump sum deposits. You still enjoy a guaranteed 4% return for the first 12 months and thereafter, a rate of return is declared and guaranteed each year.

If you would prefer to make smaller, monthly contributions, then a Flexible Annuity may be your preferred choice. With as little as $500 to start, and a minimum monthly deposit of only $100, you can take advantage of guaranteed rates and still maintain your budgets. And, should you come into some extra cash at any time, you can increase your level of contribution at will.

A common misconception is that you have to be very young to take advantage of the benefits of annuities. It is true that the younger you are, the longer you will have for your investments to grow and for the effects of compounding to create wealth. However, an Immediate Annuity is still an excellent investment if you are a mature investor. Whether you have come into a large sum of money via an inheritance, sale of valuable asset, a bonus or an insurance payment, you can secure that sum by investing in an Immediate Annuity which will begin to pay monthly dividends right away. There are a number of plans to choose from with this type of annuity which is very popular among retirees as it guarantees a monthly income.

Regardless of the BAF SaveSmart annuity you choose, however, they all have one thing in common – guaranteed 4% returns on the first year and a declared guaranteed rate thereafter which will never fall lower than 1 1/2% below the prevailing prime rate. There are no administrative fees associated with BAF SaveSmart annuities and are designed to encourage long-term savings goals.

SaveSmart investments are perfect for saving for retirement, your child’s college education, a down-payment on a home or property, to start a business or can be used as a pension plan.

BAF Guaranteed Pension Plans
The financial markets are slowly recovering, much to the joy of pensioners and the working public whose retirement accounts were deeply wounded. Yet for many it may take many years to recover their losses. Among BAF pension’s clients, however, there was no need to panic. The company’s guaranteed 3.5% rate held firm despite the turmoil and the fund continues to perform well.

The company prides itself on being sound investors; predicting market trends and responding quickly to changes. By investing in fixed income portfolios, BAF is able to offer the security of guarantees to their clients who do not need to concern themselves with the volatility of the stock market or other investment vehicles subject to market conditions. 

As mandated by law, every worker in the Cayman Islands must have a pension plan. This ensures that your quality of life continues well after your working years. In this regard, we are well ahead of many developed and developing nations. In order to stay ahead as individuals, it is important to choose your pension plan wisely and minimize risks.

Protecting your investments by protecting you.
Protecting yourself is as important as protecting your investments. After all, you most likely plan to spend your pension and your investment income on maintaining your quality of life after retirement. Unfortunately, too many people end up spending their savings on their health or on other unexpected tragedies that life brings. Your dreams of travelling the world, spending endless hours on the golf course or simply relaxing could disappear if you are not protected.

BAF offers a range of life and health insurance options for you and your loved ones to ensure that the money you saved for living is used for exactly that purpose – living your dreams. The BAF MedSafe Standard Health Insurance Contract  offers all the benefits required to meet state-mandated health insurance for as little as $65 monthly, while the BAF MedSafe Value Plans offers extra coverage including dental and vision care.

A comprehensive suite of whole life and universal life, money-back policies and term life insurance plans are available and with the help of a professional BAF financial planner, you can design the plan that best suits your needs.

Priority No. 1
At BAF Insurance you are priority no. 1. Your goals, your dreams, your needs are the cornerstones on which your personal investment plans are built.

No matter where you are on the road to life, your family status or your income level, BAF will work with you to achieve your financial independence. Investing should be stress-free. It should be well thought-out and tailored to meet your goals. It should offer some guarantees. At BAF Insurance, it’s all three.