Get some Christmas spirit

Even if you aren’t a Bacardi drinker, you need to give their Dragon Berry white rum (CI$35.49) a go, the company’s newest flavoured rum, mixing strawberries and that sweet, custardy Asian Dragon Berry into their highly popular clear rum. Jodie Petts from Blackbeards says the blend is mildly sweet with flavours of lychee and guava.

Try the special recipe Dragon Berry Mojito, devised by Margaritaville’s bartender extraordinaire, Livia Kwong:

  • 2oz Bacardi Dragon Berry
  • 2 thick slices lime
  • Fresh mint
  • 2 tspn sugar
  • Muddle over ice and add a splash of club soda.

“The result is a fruity version of a mojito – not quite so sour,” Livia says. “We launched this at Taste of Cayman this year and it was an immediate hit.”

Brandy lovers would be remiss in not giving Jose Cuevo Black (CI$25.79) a try, an añejo (aged) tequila new to Blackbeard’s.

“The tequila is aged in oak barrels for 8 to 12 months and the result is a smooth sipping tequila best served simply on the rocks,” Jodie explains.

The smooth, smoky, mellow flavours are indeed reminiscent of a fine after dinner brandy; however there is no mistaking that tequila hit at the back of the throat, so sipper beware!

Your regular iced tea this ain’t – Fire Fly Sweet Tea vodka (CI$34.79), again, new to Blackbeard’s, is an absolutely delicious vodka, made in South Carolina from Muscadet grapes and distilled four times and then infused with tea.

“The tea that they use is actually locally grown in South Carolina, from America’s only tea plantation,” Livia explains.

Livia’s Raspberry Ice Tea is a fabulous use of this divine beverage – a pitcher for a Christmas celebration would work perfectly well.

  • 2 oz Fire Fly Sweet Tea vodka
  • Fresh muddle raspberries
  • Topped with a splash of still water.
  • Mix and serve over ice.

“Try varying the fruit,” Livia suggests. “Strawberries or other berries would work just as well, or perhaps fresh orange.”

Leblon cachaça (CI$45.99) (pronounced ka-SHAH-sa) is a national legend in Brazil and the key ingredient in its national cocktail – caipirinha (pronounced kai-pur-EEN-ya), similar to a mojito without the mint.

“Leblon has been aged in XO brandy casks, and so makes a more mellow flavoured caipirinha, a slightly woodier, softer version,” Jodie explains. “It’s an incredibly refreshing drink.”

Leblon cachaça is distilled in Brazil and made from fresh pressed cane juice. European wine making techniques ensure ultra smooth flavours and a complexity and body.

Livia favours a simple approach to bring out all the lovely nuances of the spirit:

  • 2oz Leblon cachaça
  • 2 tspn sugar
  • A quarter of a lime, in wedges
  • Muddle together and serve over rocks.

And remember, a cocktail is not just for Christmas – enjoy these exciting beverages any time that you want your party to go with a swing.