CIMA staffer completes diploma in fund administration

Anthony Ramoon, an analyst of five years in the Investments and Securities Division of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, has successfully completed an honours level curriculum offered by UK based CLT International, which is affiliated with the University of Manchester Business School and the Cayman Islands Fund Administrators Association, to earn a Diploma in Fund Administration.

Ramoon was the recipient, last October, of CIFAA‘s inaugural scholarship to undertake the diploma course.  The professional education programme provides detailed knowledge and practical skills to enable participants to master the responsibilities of a fund administrator.

He said: “It was a great opportunity for me to undertake the programme. Despite being out of the formal educational environment for some time, it has been one of my goals to gain professional accreditation and/ or a diploma within the industry.  When the opportunity presented itself, I went after it.”
The course was delivered through a combination of distance learning and locally held workshops. The curriculum encompassed the major aspects of the funds industry, particularly the organisation and operations of hedge funds.

“The personal challenge that I had to overcome was realigning and disciplining myself to a study regime,” stated Ramoon.

“The course was well organised and structured with a broad and informative curriculum that was up to date with changes in the global economy and regulatory landscape.  The diploma has broadened my insight on the global funds industry and my understanding of the roles and operations of the respective services providers/industry practitioners. I have been able to apply that to my day-to-day work at the Monetary Authority and I thank both CIFAA and CIMA for such an opportunity,” he added.  

CIMA’s Head of Investments, Yolanda McCoy, said, “I am elated with Mr. Ramoon’s achievement. CIMA endeavours to be supportive of staff seeking to advance their professional qualifications. His recent academic success further enhances the collective expertise which CIMA employs to carry out its regulatory role.”

CIFAA, which started offering the scholarship in 2009, was established in January 1995 and is represented by a membership of fund administrators with operations in the Cayman Islands.  CIFAA’s objectives include acting as a channel of communication between Cayman authorities and the fund management industry in Cayman; providing a forum for mutual exchange of ideas and to generally promote and enhance the reputation of the fund management industry in Cayman; assisting in setting up training and educational programmes for members and their staff and other relevant industry participants and liaising from time to time with similar associations locally or in other jurisdictions on matters of mutual and topical interest.


Anthony Ramoon (centre) flanked by Greg Bennett, Treasurer of CIFAA, Angela Mele, Secretary of CIFAA, and Head of CIMA’s Investments & Securities Division Yolanda McCoy.