Anniversary at Pure Art

Artist Debbie van der Bol’s sunny Cayman watercolours and art prints have been featured at Pure Art for 25 years. But as the Manager of Pure Art Debbie has always featured her work right alongside the works of the eight hundred other local artists and craft persons, as she continues to support and sell the wide variety of Cayman art and gifts in the charming Cayman cottage. 

The cottage on the corner of South Church Street and Denham-Thompson Way was moved to its current location over forty years ago by Wesley and Erma Eldemire, van der Bol’s son’s great grandparents. The cottage, known as the “Old Teachers Cottage” was a two-storey building in central George Town, but disassembled and moved to sit on logwood posts as the single storey you see today. 

“I have appreciated selling true Cayman art in this setting all of these years,” said Debbie van der Bol. “So customers could picture the art and household gifts in a homey setting. We do sell a limited amount of overseas island spices, island gifts, fun jewellery and household gifts to supplement our local  gifts, but we love getting as much as we can locally”.  Co-worker Lloys Watler also offers shoppers much Caymanian hospitality. Lloys is very knowledgeable of Cayman art and gifts, with over ten years experience at Pure Art. Some customers call her a “Cayman treasure”, and owner van der Bol agrees.

A Group Art Show highlights Pure Art’s Anniversary, featuring original Cayman paintings never exhibited before. The Pure Art artists support the gallery in its continued efforts, as Pure Art supports their artists these many years. 

Recognised by “Islands” magazine as “one of the five hundred things to do in the world”, a visit to Pure Art continues to be a local gem and an International destination. “We are very thankful to be in business in Cayman all of these years,” said van der Bol. ”I only hope to be painting and working here many more.”