The chronicles of Sue Howe at Arteccentrix

This month sees the continuation of a brand
new art exhibition at Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery, entitled From Beginning to
End and created by veteran artist Sue Howe.

As with all their previous exhibitions,
another new and exciting exhibition awaits the visitor at Arteccentrix, with
owners Nickola McCoy-Snell and Maurice Snell producing yet another new stage
for the artist to display her talents.

Although Sue Howe is no stranger to
Cayman’s art scene (she has exhibited in many group shows in the past) this is
her first solo show in a gallery and so Nickola says she has really pulled out
all the stops for this latest exhibition.

According to the artist the title From
Beginning to End describes the process of where the idea for the painting
started all the way through to end results. i.e. photos, drawings, chalk
drawings on canvas and additional photos of the painting’s various steps to

All of the paintings are in oil and vary in
size, with approximately 30 to 34 paintings being entered into the show and all
the art work is for sale.

Nickola, who is the director of the gallery
and also the curator of the exhibition, says: “Sue’s artwork sets a dramatic
stage with crisp lines and solid colour bases. You can feel yourself being
drawn into the canvas as it takes on a life if its own.”

She continues: “Arteccentrix is the perfect
setting for this exhibition with its fresh clean uncluttered walls you can
appreciate the artwork without being overwhelmed by unnecessary and competing

Unlike any other gallery in Cayman
Arteccentrix seeks to capture the essence of each artist that is exhibited,
which usually means fresh new coats of paint and creative new displays for the
artwork and each show seemingly outdoing the previous.

The professional and thoughtful manner in
which the gallery is laid out ensures that it is traffic friendly to the
disabled and to mums with pushchairs. Everyone is invited to experience the
exhibitions without the hazards normally faced in more craft oriented stores
where space is usually limited.

Sue says she is very excited about this
solo show, which is her second, but first in a gallery.

“I am very pleased to be working with
Nickola. She is an enormous inspiration and a great supporter of local artists,
and I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to be able to showcase and sell
my work at Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery,” she says.

Describing the thought process for the
development of this show, she says: “I wanted to somehow relate the process of
how one gets to the end result of a painting, and what that process entails,
like a story from beginning to end. I’ve tried to involve what I usually do
which is predominately realism, with some smaller abstracts included. My
inspirations are people, landscape, and the sea.”

Sue hails originally from Western Canada and
has been living in Cayman for about 20 years with her husband and daughter.

“I have been painting for approximately ten
years, but have really only hit my stride and style over the last three years,”
she confirms. “I’m a self taught artist. I have benefited from workshops with
the Visual Arts Society, the National Gallery and The Academy of Realist Art
over the years.” 

Sue says she started off with acrylics and
eventually found her style with oil paint.

“I love to draw and have completed a number
of pieces in chalk pastel; however it’s all about oil paint for me.  Painting in the Cayman Islands is really just
being spoiled really. Light, light, light and wonderful colour. It’s great
weather for oils really, being that the two main drying components for oil
paint are light and heat.”

This exhibition runs to 6 November and the
gallery is open Monday – Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 10 – 6 pm. The gallery
delivers internationally and will deliver free locally. For more details on
this or any upcoming events contact Nickola or Maurice at 345-927-2076 or
927-1694 or visit the gallery online at


The gentle cycle.