Pappagallo the perfect party place

Ristorante Pappagallo is one of those
restaurants which has the ability to transcend you far away from everyday life
and into a new world of fine culinary fare with an excitingly different
ambiance to match.

If you don’t live in West Bay, it is a bit of a trek from
town (say, all of 20 minutes) but that just adds to the feeling that you are
leaving the old behind and traveling somewhere new and different.

You cannot help to be mesmerised by the
beauty of the place at night, set as it is in a lagoon that is actually a bird
sanctuary with exotic birds both out on the water and housed inside the
restaurant itself. The walkway over the water is a wondrous beginning to an
exciting evening of Italian cuisine, the likes of which you will not most
likely have enjoyed before.

Inside all eyes immediately head upwards to
the roof, an incredible 30 feet high painstakingly created in a Palopa style
(thatched) by local craftsmen. More than 100,000 local silver thatch palm
leaves were used in the construction of the roof. The rest of the décor is a
harmonious balance of natural materials such as stone and wood, creating an
idyllic oasis up in West Bay.

Bearing all this in mind, there is not
really any better place on island to house that special party event than
Pappagallo – the spacious surroundings of the restaurant and attention to
detail displayed by the staff give you the opportunity to really go to town and
impress your guests/employees etc.  

The best part about holding a special event
at the restaurant is that Pappagallo staff really are old hands in the business
of giving parties. As well as fixed menu prices depending on size of the party
and what you are looking for food-wise, you can also hire audio-visual equipment,
floral displays, and even the entertainment via the restaurant.

The entire restaurant (which is actually
made up of three separate dining areas) can be hired out to a maximum of 250
people, so it really gives you the ability to think big.

If your party is a little smaller in size,
there’s the Observation Deck which sits just before the entrance to the
restaurant with sweeping views of the surrounding water. This can accommodate
up to 150 guests and is the perfect location for buffet-style parties.

The Pappagallo Room is the smallest room
and can seat from between 40 to 55 people in an intimate setting. The Flamingo
Room enjoys cooling breezes from the water overlooking the Garden Patio and can
seat up to 160 guests. The Garden Patio itself is a gorgeous screened in patio
which is the perfect venue for a really happening party, with the capacity to
include a DJ or live band and the capacity to hold around 160 guests.

Whether you are celebrating your
anniversary with your special someone, a birthday party with a few good friends
or a big event that needs to house your entire staff, the versatile Pappagallo
restaurant is a great choice.