Chocolate and candy creations – made in Cayman

Cayman Taffy Company has moved way beyond
the saltwater taffy that was its foundation almost five years ago and now
offers a whole host of sweet and tantalisingly tasty treats that everyone will
enjoy this Christmas. 

Current offerings now also include caramel
popcorn, almond toffee, nut brittles, fruit jellies, sponge toffee, fudge and a
full chocolate production line has been put in place.

Doug McPhearson of Cayman taffy says the
chocolate choice on offer is particularly exciting: “Chocolate pieces available
include more than a dozen varieties of chocolate truffles, almond barks,
chocolate dipped pretzels, coconut patties, soft chocolate caramels (Blue
Mountain coffee, mango/passion fruit and sea salt) and a wide variety of custom
moulded pieces (turtles, iguanas, palm Trees and so on).”

The beauty of buying Cayman taffy is that
you can be sure that every item is made on site in Cayman. To add to the
authenticity of the gift they also provide custom imprinted boxes (with
corporate logos, events, dates, etc) and private labelling is available to fit
all items.

Sizes of gifts vary, with small gift
assortments suitable for table settings to full corporate gift baskets. Doug
says that gifts can be customised to fit any budget or any event.

Yummy special annual Christmas offerings
include peppermint bark (layers of white and dark chocolate with crushed
peppermints inside), chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, chocolate caramel turtles,
butter rum and eggnog taffy and more.

For a really special gift, Cayman taffy can
prepare gift baskets (on request) which also include other Cayman made items,
including Hot Pepper Jelly (from Carol Hay) and Hot Pepper Sauces (from Mark
Thompson) as well as the ever-favourite rum cakes. Arrangements can also be
made to include wine and delivery is available.

Doug urges everyone in Cayman: “Support the
local economy without sacrificing quality! Visit the website or call for a
private consultation on what we can do for you.”