Great art: 101

Cayman Traditional Arts has again joined forces with The
Gallery at The Ritz-Carlton to showcase some sizzling summer art. This time the
remit was an ambitious one – 101 pieces of artwork that reflect the artists’
interpretation of summer time.

This latest exhibition at The Ritz-Carlton’s Gallery that
straddles the West Bay Road is a wonderfully exciting and exhilarating start to
an incredible collection of art work that showcases 27 artists, many of whom
are exhibiting multiple pieces of work. Newcomers to The Ritz-Carlton
exhibition include Allister Clarke, Jim Hellemn, Bethany Tomkins, Aaron
Reberchek (all photography) and Megan Compton, Kerwin Ebanks, Michelle Bower,
Simone Scott and Deborah Brookes-Mangan in fine art.

Continuing down the length of the Gallery, Alta Solomon’s
photography is a vision of orange, pink, yellow and green. Alta, a well-known
poet and artist on island (married to artist Gordon) has produced some
incredible super-saturated pieces that focus on fruit and floral close-ups,
creating fresh and crisp photographs that are visually exciting and lively.

Jim Hellemn has produced photographs that are out-of-this
world, stitching special high resolution underwater images together to create a
collection of unique pieces that has viewers believing they are in the middle
of a dive, so crystal clear are the images. His photography of Bloody Bay Wall
on display at the Summer 101 exhibition was the basis for the spectacular
mosaic at the Observation Tower in Camana Bay. You really have to see this to
believe it. 

Allister Clark is another photographer whose work is
newly on display at Summer 101. Ally layers texture that builds up in his
photos (Cayman Fusion and Seven Miles of Sunset), creating moody almost
ethereal pieces that are evocative of that uniquely special time of day in
Cayman, just as the sun sets and the sky is ablaze with colour.

Three well-established artists in Cayman, namely Chris
Christian, Al Ebanks and Mike Seffer, have included ultra large pieces of
artwork in the Summer 101 collection and each displays the artists’ unique talents.
Mike uses his love of resin to great effect, creating an unmistakable and
contemporary design, while Al Ebanks goes bold, backing his forceful statement
with four smaller canvases, each with its own forceful colour palette to
intrigue the viewer. Chris also enjoys more of a contemporary feel to his work,
creating rhythms and patterns taken straight out of nature.

Nancy Davey has delighted viewers with her one-of-a-kind
intricate glass works, an incredibly labour-intensive practice that first
involves sketching out drawings that she will then create art deco glass
pieces, cutting each piece of glass separately. The end result is stunningly
beautiful, especially when the daylight filters through, serving to enhance the
bright colours of the pieces.

One particular piece is an homage to Chris
Christian’s painting, Saltwater Cowboys, with iconic figures on a catboat out
at sea. Nancy manages to capture in glass the spirit
and energy. 

Summer 101 is a collection of 101 art pieces at The
Gallery of The Ritz-Carlton that capture that summer feeling. The exhibition
runs until 8th November and includes photography on canvas and aluminium,
watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, stained glass
work, and mixed media compositions. All the art work is for sale.

An exhibition of children’s art work will be shown simultaneously until
November. This art work will not be for sale.