Compliance and financial crime the hot topics at conferenc

Juan Llanos, one of the speakers at the Sixth Annual
Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance and Financial Crime Conference, talks about
what attendees can expect from the event.  

“Raising the Bar” of
knowledge and capabilities of Cayman’s compliance professionals will be the aim
of the Sixth Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance and Financial Crime
Conference, which is going to be held on Thursday and Friday 14-15 October at the
Marriott Beach Resort.

The two day event,
hosted by Global Compliance Solutions “will be a fantastic learning experience
for everyone, including for us, the speakers,” said Juan Llanos, who will give
two presentations at the conference.

“What I like about this
conference is its diversity and breadth of topics and speakers, which is a
reflection of a trend that has been developing over the past few years – the
convergence of regulatory compliance, fraud, financial crime prevention,
anti-money laundering and governance into the all-encompassing realm of risk
management in a world without frontiers.”

AML professionals can no
longer afford to focus on a single subject, geography or area of expertise,
because technology, cost and performance drivers are pushing for a holistic
approach, he emphasised, noting that “the GCS Conference will be the perfect
forum for this type of holistic learning experience”.

Llanos, a vice president
of service operations and compliance officer for Unidos Financial Services,
stated that besides the learning opportunity the chance to interact and network
with peers, regulators and executives is another important part of such an
event. “The GCS conference in particular has always kept its edge with regards
to both learning and networking, and struck an uncommon balance between form
and substance, structure and contents,” he said.

Overall the two-day
conference includes 12 hours of training sessions, a cocktail reception, and
breakfast and lunch for both days.

Llanos, who has two
presentation slots at the conference, said he was glad that he is given the
opportunity to address a hard and a soft topic.

hard topic is that of emerging payment technologies, mobile and prepaid cards,
which I have been working with very actively in the past four years. I will be
presenting a lot of material for those interested in understanding the risks of
cyberspace,” he said. “The soft topic is something I am very passionate about,
the importance of culture and especially how to build a compliance-supporting
and integrity-embracing culture. I will do my best to present in a succinct and
impactful way the latest and greatest material I’ve been able to collect and
research throughout my professional life, and I certainly hope not to
disappoint,” he promised.

The mixture of soft and
hard topics is reflected in the conference agenda, which encompasses
international and local experts like Kenneth Krys, who is going to speak about
the dirty secrets that can be exposed by fraud investigators, and
whistleblowers like Martin Woods, who during his time at Wachovia detected
suspicious traveller’s cheques from money exchanges in Mexico. When he alerted
his employers the bank resisted his inquiry of the bank’s dealings, he claimed.
Woods will speak at the conference about his experience and a case which this
year saw Wachovia, now a unit of Wells Fargo, fined $160 million for breaching
the Bank Secrecy Act and in the process helping Mexican drug cartels finance
their activities.

Compliance Solutions the organisers of the event hope that the conference will
showcase the high level of compliance in the Cayman Islands and if possible
correct the negative perception that still exists is some foreign media,
according to Managing Partner Karen O’Brien.


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