Fund admin qualifications on offer

CLT International recently announced the creation of a new Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration. Designed for new entrants into fund administration, the Advanced Certificate provides introductory knowledge and practical skills training.
The Advanced Certificate will take six months to complete and will involve a period of self-study, a locally held interactive three-day workshop and will culminate in a three hour examination. All successful delegates will be provided with certification.
Following on from the Advanced Certificate delegates can enrol onto the Diploma in Fund Administration. The diploma covers all of the major aspects of the fund industry but focuses particularly on hedge funds, their organisation and operation. Again, this is a six-month programme encompassing self-study, a locally held four-day interactive workshop, an assignment and finally a three hour examination.
This is a real heavy-weight qualification with academic accreditation awarded in association with Manchester Business School. Upon completion delegates will be able to use the designation diploma (Fund Admin).
Finally for those individuals who really want to further their knowledge, CLT International is working with the University of Manchester Business School to create a BSc in Fund Administration. It is anticipated that experienced professionals holding the Advanced Certificate and Diploma in Fund Administration will be required to complete a four module top-up programme to attain the BSc. This will be studied part-time and workshops will be conducted in jurisdictions where the Diploma is offered.

Contact Angela Mele, MICA Compliance Officer with Bodden Compliance & Training Ltd and Bodden Corporate Services on 945 0400 x 232 or email [email protected] for more info.