Experiences on a PwC scholarship

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In the business of education

The Journal speaks with Arlond Brooks, associate (who recently passed all of his CPA exams) about his experiences on a PwC scholarship.

How did you hear about the PwC scholarship?
The scholarship was advertised in the Caymanian Compass.

Was it easy to apply for?
Yes, the process was quite straightforward. Full scholarship details, including the application form and documentation requirements, were available on PwC’s website thereby allowing me to fully prepare my application without having to contact the Firm directly. Upon completion, I simply hand-delivered my application to the office and waited for a response.

How did you find the selection process?
I found the selection process to be very efficient and well organised. In addition to the application process, there were two rounds of interviews with a few partners and staff of PwC during which they posed a variety of questions regarding my educational background, work experience and future career plans. Also, the firm ensured to keep me up-to-date throughout the selection process which I greatly appreciated.
What attracted you to the accounting field?
The overall versatility of an accounting career attracted me to the field. I wanted a profession that would prepare me for the increasingly competitive job market while offering great rewards throughout.

How did you find the years of studying?
I found my university experience to be very fulfilling. I attended the University of Miami for four and a half years and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA. During this time, I ensured to capitalise on both the educational and social aspects of university life abroad. Throughout my university career, PwC provided me with employment during the summer breaks, which allowed me to gain valuable work experience.

What has been your career progression to date?
Upon completion of my MBA in December 2008, I began my full time career with PwC as an associate in January 2009. I immediately began to prepare for the CPA exams and successfully completed them by May 2010. Currently, I’m working towards a promotion to senior associate.

What do you hope to achieve professionally in the future?
I intend to continue my professional career with PwC in order to work my way up to the partner level. In my opinion, the working environment provided by PwC fosters professional development making it an ideal place for aspiring accounting professionals to build their careers.

Anything else you may wish to add?
PwC’s commitment to supporting education continues beyond their university scholarships. The firm also assisted me with the costs associated with obtaining my CPA designation and provided moral support throughout the process. I’m proud to work for a company that truly values their staff and willingly invests in their futures!