DMTC, Jabre sponsor young Caymanian

Young Caymanian Sarah Gilman recently got the chance of a lifetime to broaden her horizons, with sponsorship from Jabre Capital Partners (Cayman) Limited and DMTC Group Limited to attend the recent Global Young Leaders Conference in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai China. The Journal reports.
GYLC is a unique leadership development programme that brings together outstanding young people from around the world to build critical leadership skills in a global context.  It offers students the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with some of the world’s top business leaders, policy officials, lobbyists, journalists, diplomats and academics in the challenging and dynamic environments of Washington, D.C., and New York City; or Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Student ambassadors analyse concepts surrounding communications, diplomacy, law, human rights, peace, security, economics and the role of the United Nations. Students return home from GYLC with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens and future leaders in an international community. 
Each session of the GYLC is designed to educate, inspire and motivate students by giving them the opportunity to explore cultural differences firsthand, absorb diplomatic skills daily, build confidence and enhance decision-making skills in an exciting atmosphere that is challenging and fun.
Before her trip, Sarah stated that she hoped that the experience would help her become a young leader in the Cayman Islands and that she was thankful for the privilege and pledged to make the most of this exciting opportunity.  She also acknowledged her form tutor, Mr. Edward Todd from John Gray High School for his support.
On her return to Cayman Sarah reported: “The most interesting part of my experience at the Global Young Leaders Conference was the simulation. This was where our group of young leaders from all over the world had to come together to solve a worldwide problem. During the simulation we each got a role to play, within these roles we were either part of the government, business community or civil society and had to solve the major problem of water scarcity.”
Sarah says the four hour long simulation definitely taught her how to work with others of different ethnic backgrounds, sharing ideas and concerns with others while improving her public speaking skills.
“While the simulation was fun, interesting and required intense thinking,” she says, “the most memorable part of the conference was the trip to The Great Wall of China.
Visiting The Great Wall allowed me to experience firsthand the extraordinary things which can happen when people come together and work as one. This proved to me that all things are possible.”
Gary Linford as managing partner of DMTC Group Limited and Sarah Bertran as Head of Finance of Jabre Capital Partners (Cayman) Limited issued a joint statement saying:
“Sarah Gilman served on many committees in her school and had already started to prove herself as a young leader. Both DMTC and its client, Jabre chose to provide sponsorship for Sarah to attend the Global Young Leadership Conference in Beijing, China in order to allow her to widen her experience and gain an international perspective on the issues affecting the global community. DMTC and Jabre deal with clients from across the globe and recognise the need for young Caymanians to widen their horizons by traveling, communicating with others from different backgrounds and experiencing different cultures.”
DMTC Group Limited, is licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and provides regional and global coverage as necessary to meet clients’ needs from the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Singapore and its main office is located at Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman.
The Jabre Capital Partners Group has offices in Geneva, Luxembourg and Cayman. Jabre Capital Partners (Cayman) Limited is a manager to a number of funds regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.