Passion in monochrome

The clean white walls of Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery have recently been transformed into a portrait gallery of some well known and some not-so-well known faces, but all equally depicted with passion and care by artist Greg Lipton. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull visits the gallery for a glimpse into Greg’s rare talent and reports.
Stark portraits in black and white greeted the visitor to the latest exhibition at Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery, located at Governor’s Square. Some will be familiar to viewers, such as the heady, powerful portrait of Bob Marley and an intriguing, mesmerising painting of Che Guevara, while others, perhaps not well known figures, can equally be appreciated for the care and passion that the artist has taken to bring his subjects to life.
It’s an exciting collection of paintings which together provide a credible analysis of human emotion, in all its many forms.
“The inspiration for this show is a lot like my previous shows, taken from my everyday life,” Greg says.
“It could be as simple as overhearing someone speaking at the grocery store, something I might have only caught a glimpse of while driving, just taking in and observing what goes on around me and producing art from it.”
Greg says he then usually jots down those ideas and builds on them, expanding them a little and beginning to experiment with how he will convey those ideas on canvas.
He confirms that he has been painting in black and white for about a year, and has ended this monochromatic series with his Arteccentrix exhibition.
Although he has been off island for the most part since the show was exhibited he says the feedback from family and friends who had been seen the paintings before they went to the Gallery has been great and very supportive.
“In particular, my wife Amy has constantly encouraged me when I’m down and frustrated with a painting and feel like throwing it away. She’s always there to keep me going,” he confirms.
Greg says that the partnership with Arteccentrix has been a productive and useful one, and states:
“From the first moment that [owner] Nickola and I met she has been 100 per cent supportive of my work and great to work with.  I am inspired by her level of commitment to art and all the hard work that she puts into Arteccentrix. I enjoy going into the Gallery and discussing art and life in general with her and her husband Maurice.”
Nickola, in turn, says she has been delighted to work with Greg, stating:
“The passion and dedication that Greg has for his art is always evident, from his presentation to his execution of his chosen subject matter. Maurice and I enjoy working with him as he is an easy-going and down-to-earth person.”
Greg confirms that he is, at present, experimenting with new techniques, studying art history and preparing for his solo show at Arteccentrix in December as well as a show in mid 2011 at Full of Beans Cafe.
The show in December will be mixture of large sculptures, interactive installations, video and paintings, he confirms.

Visit  for more information on Greg’s work and follow the progress of his solo show in The Journal.