A solid company with a global reach

 HSBC was awarded third place in Cayman’s Top Employer of the Year awards held earlier this year and organised by the Cayman Islands Society for Human Resource Professionals. The Journal speaks with employees at the bank to hear why they believe HSBC is such a great place to work.
Gonzalo Jalles, CEO
“HSBC have been recognised as a top employer for a number of reasons. The fundamental reason being, we understand and believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. As such we provide a number of employee benefits that contribute to being an employer of choice. Some of these include community involvement, work/life balance and a variety of accessible training opportunities. 
To ensure we understand the needs of our employees we consciously and constantly evaluate their engagement through internal surveys and open communication, that allow us to get honest feedback and develop action plans to improve.”
Laura C McLaughlin, account manager-insurance
“I have been working with HSBC since January 2009 full time. From 2003-2008 I worked with HSBC as a scholarship recipient working during my summer/winter break as an intern. I began as an account manager assistant as the scholarship recipient (2003-2008) and progressed to account manager in 2009.
The global reach of HSBC makes it attractive for my future progress and experiences. HSBC Captive Insurance is an older company with a solid foundation, giving me a directional framework to do my job and job security. The people I work with are an important aspect of why I want to work with HSBC. They are professional, knowledgeable and helpful and empower me to do my best.
HSBC provides a good working environment. They also provide a number of benefits in the banking segment for employees (mortgages, loans, accounts) and good health care. The working atmosphere of the bank is positive and staff are provided with excellent working conditions, which include a great building with ample parking, security guards, new kitchen and dining areas and full bathrooms.
Upper management also make an effort to listen to staff taking on board any ideas they may have and work to ensure these ideas are considered and implemented. I believe management cares about my career growth. They are interested in each of us as employees and as individuals making them an employer of choice.”
Alan Purvis, senior relationship manager – corporate banking
“I have been with HSBC since September 2007, working as a senior relationship manager in corporate banking. The key factors that make me want to work at HSBC are the name and reputation, the global presence as well as the opportunity to help launch the corporate banking service in Cayman.
I think there are a number of reasons why HSBC was voted third in the Top Employer of the Year awards, so it is hard to pinpoint just one. HSBC provides good benefits and remuneration packages, a positive working environment, career development and good opportunities for training and further development. They also have excellent employee recognition rewarding employees for their performance.
I have been awarded the ‘CEO Award 2008’ and ‘Tom Clark Inspirational Award’ in the two years since I joined, which has given me great motivation to work hard within the company.”

HSBC demographics

HSBC established in Cayman since 1984
Current Employee Population: 89
Management committee is 55 per cent female
7 out of 9 of the management team are Caymanian


Laura McLaughlin and Alan Purvis