10 out of 10 for local artists

Nickola McCoy-Snell speaks with Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull about the latest exhibition at her Arteccentrix Fine Art Gallery, located at Governors Square.
Can you give me a quick background to the exhibition – what does the ‘10’ indicate?
The show was titled:  “10”: Love, Hope and the Pursuit of Happiness. “10” represents the year 2010 and the size of the 10’x10’ canvases that the majority of the artists worked on, whether it was fine art photography or paintings.

Each canvas shows the artists’ interpretation of love, hope and the pursuit of happiness as they are translated in their chosen medium of expression.
Where did you get the idea from and why?
The idea for the show came about as my husband and business partner Maurice and I were sorting out our yearly exhibition schedule and we noted that we had more solo exhibitions than group shows and that a lot of  artists felt more comfortable doing a group show than being the featured artist in a solo exhibition. This was also the perfect opportunity for artists who have had little exhibiting history to join in and become a part of a well established community of prolific and talented artists.
Which artists were involved?
The artists that were involved are a cross section of established and emerging artists: Avril Ward, Randy Chollette, Gordon Solomon, Moyra Curtis, Theresa Grimes, Greg Lipton, Sue Howe, Renate Seffer, Mikael Seffer, Nickola McCoy, Robert ‘Bob’ McKendrick, Patrick Broderick, Steven Joscelyn, Alta Solomon, Sulladda, John Broad, Chris Christian, Dora Williams, Joseph ‘Gumba’ Betty, Sandra Salangana, Carole ‘Caz’ Mayer, Lennon Christian, Al Ebanks and Peggy Leshikar.
How difficult was it to pick the work that was exhibited and how hard was it to compile the entire show?
This show has a number of requirements: The artwork has to be in a 10’x10’ format and for the works to depict the theme of the show. Most of the artists exhibiting are established artists and as such I feel that they have sufficient exhibiting experience to allow me the peace of mind to that I will not have to vet or censor the incoming artwork. I can concentrate on actually putting the Gallery together and promoting the show.
Did the interpretations of the theme vary much?

The interpretation of the theme was eclectically applied by each artist that is why I feel that it was a fantastic show for the viewing and buying public because within the theme each artist had taken creative licenses and as an artist myself, it was a joy to see artists expressing themselves so freely.
Anything else you may wish to add?

 As the very first group exhibition for the Gallery I wanted to give the established and emerging artists the opportunity to showcase themselves in their work, by bring a unique perspective to a very simple theme.


Painting by Randy Chollette