William Peguero, chairman of the National Investment Council

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What’s the way forward?

Re-establishing the Hyatt Hotel and the Courtyard Marriott hotel ought to be priorities for Cayman’s tourism industry. We need to get both properties back online. We are also looking at developing new products such as Crystal Caves in Frank Sound. These have huge potential as they are every bit as good as Harrison Caves in Barbados.
We anticipate that these will be open to the public in about 18 months. The project has been endorsed [at the time of writing] and we are now working on the logistics.
We need more products and more diversity to ensure that value is added and the quality of the tourism product is maintained or improved. On a personal note, I would like to see more Caymanians involved in the industry. As a frequent traveler I visited Aruba recently and was very impressed by the increase in numbers of locals now working in the industry compared to the last time I was there ten to 15 years ago. I believe this really adds value to the tourism product.