Tom McCallum, McCallum Solutions

Main Story:
What’s the way forward?

I travel and work with tourism clients on three continents, so I would first say that Cayman tourism stakeholders work far more cohesively and effectively than we often give ourselves credit for.
However, globally the tourism industry is seeing the toughest times in many decades, all countries are facing budget pressures, and with Cayman being a relative minnow in global tourism, it is harder and harder to make our marketing dollars count in reaching people to help them choose our islands for their vacation.
Given that environment, it is not enough to tinker with how we do things; I believe we need a complete reassessment of the structure of our tourism marketing. Nothing should be off the table, we should be open to innovative and new ways to “cut through the noise” we face from our competition.
If we pull together and are ready to consider, embrace and implement change, I believe the future for Cayman tourism is bright.