New possibilities open up for Cayman National’s Gianna Bryan

Here follows an interview with Gianna Bryan, Human Resources Generalist – Administration & Human Resources with Cayman National and recipient of the David Bodden Memorial Scholarship.

How long have you been working with CN?
I’ve been at Cayman National for the past four years, two years part-time; two years full-time.

What has been your career progression to date?
In June 2006, I was placed at CN by the Education Department as a summer intern for two months to do backlogging. After the completion of my internship, I was privileged to be offered the position of administrative assistant in the admin & HR department at CN on a part-time basis, whilst attending UCCI on a full-time basis completing my Bachelors. The admin assistant position was initially a full-time position, but it was Ms. Dorette Brown (SVP of HR), Mrs. Ellen Eden (VP of HR) and Ms. Raquel Eden (Manager of Training and Development) who made the decision to give me the opportunity to prove that I was capable of juggling education and career all at once.
After the completion of my BSc., in June 2008, I was given the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to work on the administrative or training side of HR. I chose the training side and I was privileged to be offered a full-time position as the HR generalist.
Currently I’m still the HR generalist, however I will be departing this September to pursue my MSc. Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis at King’s College, University of London. It was at CN that I was given the opportunity to gain practical experience and advance my skills in HR. I’m assured that my work experience in HR at CN will enable me to relate my practical work experience to the theoretical knowledge I’ll be gaining at King’s College.

What/who are the key factors that make you want to work at CN?
There are many key factors that make me want to work at CN. My experience at CN has been phenomenal and indispensable to both my personal and professional growth. I’m appreciative of the fact that I was able to start working in the HR field at a young age and I’ve gained relevant work experience in the field that I am zealous about, as it is without a doubt vital to my probability of success.
Secondly, everyone in my department gets along very well. My boss, manager, co-workers and I all respect each other and we work together as a team. Teamwork and being in a happy environment is so crucial to the level of work that employees produce. I can recall when I first started working it was Mideya Elliott who primarily trained me; she was very fostering, approachable and excellent at micromanagement when training me. Everyone else in the department was always willing to answer any queries and to give guidance where needed as well. My manager (Ms. Raquel Eden) was very flexible and understanding that my education was my priority, as I am very career oriented.
In a nutshell, I would say what makes me want to work at CN are the people, work/life balance, flexibility, understanding of management and the fact that they push for Caymanians. There is no glass ceiling for Caymanians or females at CN.

Why do you think CN was voted Top Employer of the Year?
Cayman National is truly an admirable organisation. The company does so much that many companies out there don’t do. I think that senior management at CN realises that the key resource that turns over profit in any organisation is human capital. Apart from that, Cayman National has many Caymanians in senior management positions, provides exceptional educational benefits to full-time staff, training opportunities and an excellent corporate responsibility reputation.
If I could give you one phrase to explain why CN was voted Top Employer, I would say it is the corporate culture of the organisation.

Anything else you may wish to add?
I’m thankful for the opportunities that CN has given to me and it is truly an elite company to work for and the Top Employer award was well deserved. God’s willing, after I complete my Masters, CN is a company I would definitely come back to work for!
I’m truly honoured, humbled and privileged to have been granted a partial scholarship from the CISHRP, which I am a member of. I was so ecstatic when I found out that I was the chosen recipient of the David Bodden scholarship.
I am truly grateful that Mr. Phil Jackson and his board have seen the potential in me (a young Caymanian) who is striving to become a competent HR leader and ambassador for my country.
To know that I am the first recipient of the David Bodden scholarship which is in memory of a good and upright citizen who was a valuable and prominent HR contributor; I am truly honoured and humbled. I did not know Mr. Bodden personally, but I can say that I respect the contributions that he made to improving the HR profession on island and I can assure you that God’s willing, I will do my utmost and dedicate my all to my course work and in return, make the CISHRP, my family and our Caymanian community proud of me.