National Gallery intern curates latest exhibition

Kerri-Anne Chisholm is the latest National Gallery intern sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull catches up with Kerri-Anne to find out more about her passion for the arts.
When did you first realise that you wanted a career within the arts scene?
That is somewhat of a tough question, I would have to say that from a young age I was always creating some sort of art piece, but it was not until my final two years of high school I realised I that the arts was where I wanted to develop a career by helping to influence and inspire those around me and who may eventually view my artwork.

Please tell me about your career aspirations.
I plan to begin my studies of fine art in the UK this coming fall. From then on I will continue to earn a Masters in Fine Art and Business, and eventually open an institute of the arts in the Cayman Islands.

Why did you pick this particular Fine Art Bachelors (Hons) degree course?
I chose this course because I will be studying various art disciplines such as traditional painting, drawing and printmaking accompanied with lens-based media, and practical issues within art and culture. In the end all these courses put together will develop both theoretical and creative skills.

How has the DB internship helped you to fulfill your aspirations?

Through my internship this past year I have learnt what is needed and expected behind the scenes of an education based art organisation. Working along side the staff of the National Gallery I see the dedication put into broadening the art scene here in the Cayman Islands and it has inspired me to be a part of this major development.

What’s your role at the National Gallery?
As the Deutsche Bank National Gallery 2009/20010 Intern, a few of my responsibilities include administrative duties; handling registration for classes, and events; helping to organise and create press releases and events; assisting with the development of exhibitions; working with artists; leading gallery tours; frontline customer service; and creating graphics for events.

Tell me something about this latest residency programme/Day in the Life of?
This is the third Artist-in-residency programme and exhibition to be held at the National Gallery. With this programme the NGCI invites artists to transform the spaces within the Gallery into their ‘studio’, enabling the public to view their process of creating art pieces. After they have completed their artwork, their ‘studio’ will be converted to an exhibit. This combined programme and exhibition provides artists with the opportunity to experiment and discover themselves and their art under a ‘no rules’ policy within the National Gallery.
Along with the exhibition, the artists will each hold individual lectures to discuss with the public the process of creating their artwork.

What are your plans when you return to Cayman?
With a degree in fine art and business I plan to return to the Cayman Islands to open an institution of the arts for children at the middle and high school level. This will help them gain knowledge on the different subject areas in art that is available to study in university and how they can develop their talents in a future career. I feel this is greatly needed on the islands as the arts community and educational resources are in the early stages of development and there are many students who have unbelievable artistic talents but do not know how to pursue and develop these abilities.
As the Cayman Islands currently relies on tourism and banking for its source of income, the education system seems to focus on these academic areas and forget that we as humans were are creative beings, and without an outlet to explore who we are as individuals and a community, we would fail to connect and thrive as a nation.

Anything else you may wish to add?
I feel honoured to be selected as the Deutsche Bank National Gallery 2009/2010 intern and am truly grateful to work within the NGCI as I have found what I undoubtedly want to aspire to do and be in the years to come. I would like to deeply thank the staff of the National Gallery for all the positive influences and counsel they have been as it has helped me to mature as a person. 
I would encourage any high school leaver to apply for the 2010/2011 Deutsche Bank National Gallery Internship, as it is a tremendous opportunity to work directly in the arts scene and an unparallel experience.

Janet Hislop, Chief Country Officer for Deutsche Bank in the Cayman Islands adds:
“At Deutsche Bank it is also our firm belief that cultural education sharpens intellectual skills.  Creativity and innovation drive social and economic development. Music and art enhance intellectual flexibility and personal performance. For this reason, we have been delighted to support the National Gallery Intern Scheme which provides the opportunity for the recipient of the internship to discover their creativity and broaden their horizons.  We are pleased that Kerri-Anne found the whole experience rewarding and wish her every success as she continues her studies within the arts.”


Kerri-Anne Chisholm