Osetra Bay: all the right ingredients

The Cayman Islands has already carved itself somewhat of a niche as a gourmet location for holiday-makers with a huge amount of restaurants dotted across the Island serving some first-class cuisine and wine cellars stocked with a tremendous assortment of wines to match.

Osetra Bay is nestled in Morgan’s Harbour, a perfect spot to really allow diners the opportunity to experience the true essence of the Caribbean. The restaurant and not one but two perfectly poised lounges opened its doors earlier this year in what owner James Sedgley, himself a veteran of 17 years in the fine dining industry both here in Cayman and in the City of London, terms their “soft opening”.

“We wanted to take things slowly while we searched for the right chef who will take the restaurant to new heights,” he explains.
“We know we have found the right person, namely Chef Joseph Watters, a young French-Canadian, who is passionate about his profession and dedicated to producing a unique dining experience for our guests.”    

Chef Joseph comes with a high pedigree for his young age of only 28 years. He trained in France for five years and has worked in Michelin-rated three-star establishments, as well as working for French chef Marc Veyrat, molecular gastronomist extraordinaire.

“We are really excited to have Joseph with us,” James confirms.
“He is as comfortable on the dining room floor as he is in the kitchen, so guests will certainly get to know him. It is our intention to open up the kitchen and give cooking demonstrations and we will no doubt see Joseph on the television at some point soon as well!”

Under Chef Joseph, Osetra Bay’s cuisine will continue its international theme with a Caribbean infusion, with a complete focus on the very freshest ingredients.

“We have begun sourcing local suppliers for the freshest fish, so this means we are at the fish market every day buying the latest catch,” James explains.
“We are also forging relationships with local growers because we firmly believe that locally grown produce is infinitely better than its imported counterpart. We know some fantastic farmers on island who are doing an amazing job growing delicious fruit and vegetables. We want to see this produce, whether it’s fish or fruit and vegetables, from the source to the table in as quick a time as possible.”

The restaurant creates a brand new experience for diners, with its white, clean, ultra chic décor reminiscent of South Beach’s Delano hotel taking guests to another sophisticated dimension even before the food is served. There are two beautifully appointed, sumptuous lounges, which can be used for private functions and parties or simply enjoyed, along with a glass of champagne and a nibble or two of caviar.

If guests fancy branching out further than the bubbly, mixologist Robyn will be happy to create one of her masterpiece cocktails with a flick of her silver cocktail shaker.

“We want our guests to relax the minute they walk into Osetra Bay,” James furthers. “And this extends to the menu itself, where we have really done the work for you.”

Although a la carte is always an option, fixed price tasting menus that can include as many as seven or even eight different courses are expertly created for diners, along with a wine pairing menu to match the exquisite cuisine.

“Sometimes diners might get a little overwhelmed when they open a menu and see so many food and wine choices, so we have created menus of exceptional quality that will excite the palate and intrigue the tastebuds like no-where else on island,” James confirms.

Chef Joseph will be putting his molecular gastronomy experience to good use, as it is intended that he will be visiting tables in the dining room, demonstrating his talents.

“One really cool talent is his ability to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen right at the dining table,” James says. “You really have to see it to believe it. We are going to enjoy showcasing his talents as he has a big personality which will no doubt be well received by our diners.” 

Not only do James and fellow owners Michael Alberga and Heidi Teeling believe in the talents of their new chef, they believe he will take those abilities to create something even more special at Osetra Bay.

“We truly believe we have all the right ingredients to achieve a Michelin star,” James states.
“We’ve got the most perfect location in the world, a passionate team who is excited to achieve the best, a gorgeous dining room unlike any other in Cayman and now a world class chef to help make it all happen. Our goal is to encourage visitors to Cayman simply because they want to dine at Osetra Bay.”