Tortuga moves popular tastings

Tortuga Liquors recently introduced food and wine tasting events at its newly renovated and expanded location in the Jack & Jill Building on Fort Street in George Town. The store now carries over 400 wines from around the world as well as all major liquor brands, sold duty free or duty paid.

The initial tastings have been held every Wednesday evening since the middle of February to introduce the l business community to the store and these special, free events. Casanova restaurant has provided complimentary appetisers and waived the corkage fee on any bottle purchased at Tortuga Liquors that evening.

“Many people have already taken advantage of the waived corkage fee, enjoying a delicious dinner at Casanova and a bottle of fine wine that they sampled at our store,” says Monique Hamaty-Simmonds, assistant managing director of Tortuga Rum Company, whose father started the business over 25 years ago.

Beginning in April, wine and food tastings have been regularly held at the Tortuga Jack & Jill store on the first Wednesday of every month. Bacchus restaurant, located in the same building, are providing the appetisers and waiving its corkage fee for the evening of the April to July events.

“We hope people will plan their night out – first coming to Tortuga Liquors to discover and sample interesting wines and then dine at Bacchus with their favourite wine selection,” says Hamaty-Simmonds. “We also want to thank Casanova for helping us get these events off to a very successful start.”