St. Matthew’s University students help Haiti

Students and employees of St Matthew’s School of Medicine recently raised over $3,300 to help the devastated nation of Haiti through internal activities, The Journal reports.
Activities included the Student Government Association organising social activities where all proceeds would go to the relief of Haiti. The Student Government Association’s Vice-President, Valerie Capuy, recently presented the Cayman Islands Red Cross with a cheque for their work in the Haiti relief effort.
St. Matthew’s efforts were appreciated by the Red Cross. “Without support and the community pulling together in this way and being able to come up with creative ways of raising funds we as a country would not have been able to support our neighbour Haiti,” commented Hemant Balgobin, disaster manger at the Cayman Islands Red Cross.
“All though these funds have been channelled through the Red Cross, it is indeed a community effort and will be sent to support Haiti as that of the Cayman Islands and its people.”
The Dean of Basic Sciences Senthil Kumar added: “This is an excellent response from our student body considering the recent tough times with finances and I applaud the efforts of our
The Student Government echoed Kumar’s appreciation.
St. Matthew’s University is an off-shore medical and veterinary school located in the Regatta Office Park next to Governor’s Square with approximately 500 students living and attending classes in Grand Cayman. The school offers an accredited program for local and foreign students wishing to obtain an MD or DVM degree and practice in the United States, United Kingdom or locally. St. Matthew’s University has been operating in Grand Cayman since 2001.


From left, Jan-Michael Maw, director of Student Services; Pouya Aghajafari, third semester SGA Representative; Hemant Balgobin, CI Red Cross; Valerie Capuy, SGA vice president; Annie Majoka, fourth semester SGA Representative; and Maria Riccardo, third semester SGA Representative.