Nine dimension areas ranked


Top Employer goes to Cayman National

Physical environment

Overall environment and space – light, footage, etc.

Physical security, safety, and welfare of staff

Extra amenities i.e. subsidized food, kitchen,employee lounge

Ease of parking/Car park

Work Atmosphere & Camaraderie

Organizational Culture

Level of friendly & welcoming atmosphere

Social interaction among various reporting levels of staff

Social events in and outside office,

Level of teamwork and support

Respect, Fairness, Pride

Compensation & Benefits

Satisfaction level of Pay & Benefits

Work/Life Balance

Family friendly benefits–maternity/parental leave

Flex hours

Management Practice

Relationship between Management & employees

Integrity in carrying out vision

Employee Communications

Communications are open and accessible

How comfortable employees communicate with each other

Quality & Quantity of communication by management

Performance Management

Clarity on how performance gets evaluated

Annual objectives

Evidence of manager feedback

Recognition and reward programme

Learning & Development


Support Professional development of all employees professionnel associations dues reimbursed

Talent Development Programs

In house training, online training, skills inventory

New hire orientation

Community Involvement

Corporate citizen –support of local charitable initiatives

Employee involvement in community

Supports mentoring & intern initiatives of local schools & universities

Ability to attract, develop, and promote Caymanians

Number of Caymanians in Management positions


Workplace education/Diversity training

Reflected in makeup of organization
Number of women in management positions