Foreshore celebrates a decade

This month Foreshore will celebrate 10 years in business. The Jersey-based data centre, which has catered for the hosting requirements of offshore finance companies, ecommerce businesses and law firms since February 2000, has also enjoyed great success internationally and began trading in Cayman in 2001. The Journal reports.
At a recent event to celebrate Forshore’s 10th year in business, Jim Knapp, chief technology officer of Butterfield Bank Cayman said: “Foreshore is one of the finest offshore businesses I’ve ever worked with. Their staff has always responded to our needs, with highly qualified expertise, faster than any other to resolve our issues before they became problems. I look upon Foreshore as an integral partner assisting us in the protection of our communications.”
The company has built a reputation for technical excellence and is proud to have won the Jersey Enterprise Medium Business Award in 2009. 
Over the past 10 years Foreshore has seen very strong employee loyalty with most of the original staff enjoying this anniversary with their customers. 
In 2005, post Hurricane Ivan, the company established an office to support its Cayman clients. Foreshore delivers services to customer in over 30 locations worldwide.
Foreshore has been a vocal supporter of the Blue Iguana Recovery programme and in 2009 signed a Global Partnership deal with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in order to help conserve several endangered species across the Caribbean.
The company celebrated 10 years in business by inviting customers and key stakeholders to join a sunset sail cruise with Managing Director Chris Evans in Cayman.
Andrew Jarrett, sales director for Foreshore said: “We are very proud to have reached this milestone in the company’s history. We would like to thank all of our customers for their ongoing support and also our staff, whose hard work and dedication has made the company what it is today. Although the last year has been difficult and we expect another challenging year ahead, we are optimistic about the next 10 years in business for Foreshore.”


2005 Cayman Launch Foreshore members: Polly Pickering, Andrew Jarrett, Chris Evans with Jim O’Neill (Caledonian Group)