New fine art gallery opens

Can you give me some background as to why you wanted to open your own art gallery?
We wanted to open our own fine art gallery because of the gap left behind by the closing of the Morgan Gallery, which closed its door in May of 2009.
There are very few places on the Islands where artists can hold exhibitions. As an artist, I found that most of these locations did not offer the proper facilities such as lighting and space for viewing fine art.
As our family recently expanded and with a child that needed round the clock care my husband and I were very limited in our options in what we could offer a full-time employer so we opted to open our own fine art gallery.
How long did the project take to completion?
My husband and I started by creating an online fine art gallery which offered fine art, prints. We ran our business from our home (namely the garage and our bedroom) for the last year. We decided five months ago that we needed to have a commercial venue as we were becoming limited at home and we needed to expand. It had taken us five months from making that decision to expand to get to the point that we are at now.

What type of artwork are you featuring?
Here at the gallery we feature a wide variety of genres: we have modern art, contemporary, abstract, realism, impressionism and sculptures. We have been fortunate to have some of the very best artists in Cayman sign on to be a part of our gallery experience. Most of the artists that we feature in the gallery are widely known locally and internationally and are also very sought-after by very high profile collectors.
Will it focus on showcasing local art?
The gallery is focused on exhibiting great art from all local artists. When I refer to local artists I refer to artists across the board that live and work here in Cayman including our very own Caymanian artists. We are also fortune to work with some very talented international artists who have signed to be in the gallery.
Do you sell prints as well as originals?
Here at Arteccentrix Gallery we do have a fine art printing department that specialises in creating fine art giclee prints. We are able to create and offer for sale to the general public fantastic fine art prints of local art at competitive prices. Our fine art printing department also allows us to work with large scale projects such as hotels, office spaces and condominiums that would like to feature Cayman scenery and other local artwork at a reasonable cost as an alternative to snow capped mountains. We custom create fine art prints so you will not walk into the gallery and see a large number of prints hanging on the walls or sitting in bins. Our gallery floor only features original art.

To whom are you marketing the artwork (local residents, tourists etc)?
Our market is pretty diverse as are our products. Our original fine art prices tend to reflect the level of demand for a particular artist and, as we feature some of the best and most collected artists on island, their prices tend to be on the higher end. However, as we are also a gallery that like to encourage emerging artists we have selected a couple of artists who we feel are artists to be watched as they have exhibited the potential to be the next best artist on the scene and as such their works tends to be more affordable.
Our fine art prints, however, level the field somewhat as they afford people to generally select according to their budget.

Will you be holding special exhibitions focused on one artist or theme?
The gallery over the next few months will be playing host to a number of solo and group exhibitions. We are currently selecting artists who we will feature as artists of the month and these artists will offer mini exhibits of their works. We are currently getting ready for our grand opening in March [at the time of writing] and once we have this under our belt we will begin our scheduled exhibits and events for the 2010 calendar year.

Anything else you may wish to add.
Arteccentrix Gallery is currently the only commercial fine art gallery on island that offers the services that we do. With a rotating exhibitions gallery and a full commercial gallery we find that we are in the fantastic position of being the only fine art gallery of this calibre on island.
Our current artist roster features selected works by Joseph Betty, Christel Ibsen, Al Ebanks, Horacio Esteban, Randy Chollette, Gordon Solomon, Leigh Pawling, Greg Lipton, Avril Ward, Renate Seffer, and Jilla Malek-Mohammadi. From this select group of artists we have over-sized artwork that is perfect for lounge and reception areas and for the one wall on your home that nothing seems to fill. Our artists accept commissioned work so we can cater to anyone’s unique taste with a one-of-a-kind piece.
With amazing sculptures in Caymanite by Horacio Estaban and some new artists joining the gallery, we expect to have even more interesting and new things to offer the public in the coming months, so just come on in and visit with us and we can keep you up to date.

Artist who are interested in having their portfolio viewed for inclusion in the gallery or to have an exhibition can email Nickola at [email protected] or call 345-927-2076 and speak to Nickola.


Maurice and Nickola Snell